SharkNinja Rolls Out High-Tech Home Gadgets in Time for the Holidays

Shark ION ROBOT 750

Featuring Wi-Fi connectivity, optional cleaning and scheduling via the smartphone app or voice control via Alexa or Google Assistant, Shark’s ION ROBOT 750 is an extremely convenient way to keep your floors clean. The ION ROBOT 750 also features a self-cleaning brushroll to capture long and short hair, dust, dander, and allergens. There are also two spinning brushes on the sides of the unit pull in debris from corners and edges to capture as much as possible.

The smart sensor navigation also ensures the robot can navigate any environment, from wood floors, to carpet, to tile. The sensors are so powerful that they can avoid obstacles before hitting them and it can even ensure it doesn’t fall down stairs with cliff sensors. The ION ROBOT 750’s profile is pretty low, so it’s able to roll underneath furniture to fully clean your floors.

Check out the below “SharkClean” app screenshots:

The dustbin is super simple to empty, as it detaches from the side of the robot with a single button. The lithium-ion battery provides about an hour cleaning time and the robot will automatically return to its charger when the battery is low.

Honestly, I was not expecting a lot from Shark’s ION ROBOT 750 because it is Shark’s first venture into robotic vacuums. I wasn’t sure how well the ION ROBOT 750 would navigate my kitchen/living room with all of our furniture, change in elevations due to rugs placed over hardwood flooring. Let me tell you how pleasantly surprised I was, seeing the “SharkBot,” as we’ve lovingly nicknamed him, cruise around the floor, picking up a ton of dirt, dust bunnies, and crumbs. He nimbly makes the transition between our hardwood floor and the rug without skipping a beat.

We really got a kick out of saying “Alexa, ask Shark to clean the floor,” and hear SharkBot come alive with his beeps and bloops and roam around the living room picking up dirt. There are also buttons on the top of the robot to start/stop cleaning as well as send it back to its dock, so even my 3-year old daughter can control her robot vacuum friend.

I’ve actually come home and said to my wife “Wow, did you clean the den?” Listen, guys, I literally never notice things like this. My wife responds “SharkBot was busy today!” She really loves this thing, too.  And it really picks up a ton of dirt.  We’ve had to empty the dustbin a number of times, so we know it’s working.

Our only complaint is that the ION ROBOT 750 beeps pretty loudly when it starts and when it docks, and we haven’t figured out how to turn the beeps off or at least reduce the volume. The first time we scheduled SharkBot to clean at 1 am, it actually woke me up with its beeping. But this is a fairly minor complaint.

Priced at $349, the Shark ION ROBOT 750 is a fantastic deal and makes a great gift for friends and family who love technology as well as a clean home!

Source:  The Shark ION ROBOT 750 and Ninja Intelli-Sense Kitchen System were manufacturer supplied review samples from SharkNinja

What I Like:  High-Tech; Simple to use; Makes everyday tasks more convenient; Great prices; Easy to clean

What Needs Improvement:  Beeping is loud on the robot vacuum; Blending can be sub-par in the single-serve cup

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