SYNAVOLT Modular Power Bank Can Handle It All

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20,000mAh is enough to keep you going for some time — even if you’re topping off your laptop, tablet, and phone all at the same time.

SYNAVOLT Modular Power Bank Can Handle It All

Those aren’t the only available modules, however. SYNAVOLT is also selling a 5 port USB expansion module, a Qi wireless charging module, a MacBook power and data module (it has a built-in SD and micro SD card reader, an HDMI port, an additional 60W USB Type-C power and data port, and two USB-A 3.0 ports), there’s a Bluetooth speaker module, a 4,000mAh mini power bank, and a 12V 100W DC module. When you need a particular module, you just slide it into one of the two ends of the SYNAVOLT; this is a power pack that can handle just about anything you can throw at it.

The SYNAVOLT power bank features AC and USB outlet protections, power overflow protection, and voltage overflow and underflow protection. It’s built to be the one and only power bank that you’ll ever need, with modules that will allow it to expand to meet all of your needs.

The base SYNAVOLT with AC module sells for $99, the 5 USB expansion module is $12, and the Qi wireless fast charge module is $25. The MacBook Warrior package, which includes the SYNAVOLT base unit, the AC module, and the MacBook power and data module is $139, and you can get the base SYNAVOLT power bank with all available modules for $199. SYNAVOLT is available on Indiegogo.

Source: Manufacturer loaned review sample

What I Like: Ability to carry the base SYNAVOLT power bank by itself or two of the available modules attached; Easy and quick to swap out modules; 20,000mAh is powerful enough to charge your laptop and any other mobile accessories you’re carrying

What Needs Improvement: The base SYNAVOLT is larger than most portable power banks, but the expandability makes it a must-have for your backpack

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