CISNO Portable Espresso Machine for Espresso Anywhere, Anytime

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CISNO Portable Espresso Machine for Espresso Anywhere, Anytime Listen to this article

Do you love espresso or know someone who does and you wish you could have it anywhere, anytime? Look no further than the CISNO Portable Espresso Machine. This new gadget allows you to make espresso anywhere, whether it is in the office, stuck in traffic in your car, or at a remote campsite…voila, espresso!

CISNO Portable Espresso Machine for Espresso Anywhere, Anytime

CISNO Portable Espresso Machine/Images courtesy CISNO Tech

The CISNO Portable Espresso Machine operates on a rechargeable battery (included) or via a 12-volt automotive power cord. It can make espresso from hot or cold water, but using hot or boiling water will extend battery life to some 80 cups per charge. Cold water can be used but it will take 8-10 minutes to heat and you can get three cycles off one charge. The machine uses Nespresso capsules or a reusable stainless pod designed for compatible systems. Each “shot” of espresso is a standard 1.35oz pour and the portable machine makes one cup (included) at a time. It is three inches in diameter and will fit in nearly any standard car cupholder.

CISNO Portable Espresso Machine for Espresso Anywhere, Anytime

This device is so simple to use. First, unscrew the bottom two caps and place a Nespresso pod in the inside holder and replace the smaller cap. Then replace the larger bottom cap that doubles as your drinking cup. Unscrew the cap on top of the machine and pour in hot or cold water to the fill line. Replace that cap and press the large illuminated start button on the side and let the CISNO Portable Espresso Machine do everything else. The button will glow white while heating/making and turn green to indicate your espresso is ready. A set of blue LEDs above the on/off button indicate battery life. Honestly, it really could not be any simpler, and what it “boils” down to is what flavor espresso is your fave. I can see center consoles turning into mobile barista bars already.

CISNO Portable Espresso Machine for Espresso Anywhere, Anytime

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For more information about the CISNO Portable Espresso Machine, visit the website. The item retails for $119.99, and it can be found at Amazon here [affiliate link].

CISNO Portable Espresso Machine for Espresso Anywhere, Anytime

Source: CISNO Portable Espresso Machine provided by the manufacturer

What I Like: Ease of use; Portability; Attractive design

What Needs Improvement: Nothing at this time

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