TripIt Gets Even More Useful By Giving Users Real-Time Security Wait Times

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Concur’s TripIt app just continues to get better and better, and continues to be my personal favorite for travel organization. Without its automatic emailing features and boarding arrangements, I’d truly be lost. So it’s no surprise that their latest feature makes traveling that much easier.

Effective today, TripIt will now allow it’s Pro users the ability to find out how long it will take to get through airport security just by looking down at your phone.

TripIt Gets Even More Useful By Giving Users Real-Time Security Wait Times

As someone who is a fan of TSA Pre-Check already, it’s even more helpful to know the flow of the traffic on any given flight, especially when you’re running late to get there. TripIt goes the extra step by planning ahead for you by giving you the actual wait time for the checkpoints near your gate, on top of alerting you three hours before a flight showing you the current wait times so you know when they will arrive. If you need to find the nearest checkpoint or how to get to the shortest security line, you can use the feature’s built-in airport map which will not only show that, but which amenities are located such as restrooms, shops, and for a person traveling with pets, a destination for them to use the restroom.

Currently, the selection is limited to select airports, including the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, Denver International Airport, Orlando International Airport, and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, but I’m told they will be expanding soon.

TripIt Gets Even More Useful By Giving Users Real-Time Security Wait Times

TripIt Pro is required and will cost $49 a year, but to find out more information you can head over to today.

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