SONOS’ New Deal Proves Twice As Nice As Apple’s HomePod

Sonos has seemingly put the final nail in the coffin for the extremely overpriced HomePod by announcing a deal that will get you not one, but TWO Sonos One speakers for the same $349 you would get for Apple’s latest speaker.

SONOS' New Deal Proves Twice As Nice As Apple's HomePod

Starting the sale tomorrow, January 26th and available for a limited time according to Sonos, this deal is a game changer. The Sonos already streams to more than 80 different services, including the likes of Spotify, and can play Apple Music as well. Apple’s HomePod, on the other hand, is exclusive to Apple Music and iTunes, which is clearly a means of generating additional revenue for their Apple Music platform. Whereas Sonos’ new bundle you get double the fun, double the sound for essentially the same price, complete with a true multi-room sound that works with virtual assistants, as the company announced that Google Assistant and Apple Airplay 2 will be readily available at a later date this year. On top of that,you’re getting Alexa compatibility, so why would you NOT want to enjoy the luxury of all of your favorite platforms working with your speaker?

SONOS' New Deal Proves Twice As Nice As Apple's HomePod

The Sonos One continues to get better with time, with support for Flash Briefings which is my personal favorite feature from the Amazon Echo, and with the Sonos One not only can you do that, you’ll get added Spotify voice control so you don’t even have to pull out your device in order to change your favorite tunes.

“Sonos One sounds incredible on its own, but the ability to have a stereo pair or have music in two rooms vs. one at $349 US feels like it’s an easy choice for those who truly love music,” said Joy Howard, chief marketing officer at Sonos. “We believe in freedom of choice and don’t want to lock people into a specific ecosystem – it’s why we support more than 80 streaming services globally and will take an agnostic approach to voice assistants as well.”

SONOS' New Deal Proves Twice As Nice As Apple's HomePod

This is an obvious buy for anyone who doesn’t want to be isolated to one platform, someone who wants superior audio quality with multi-room features work straight out of the box. For more information about the deal, head over to Sonos today.

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