Sonos Prime Day Deals Offers up to 29% Off on Some of Their Most Popular Speakers

As I’ve shared many times, I am a long-time Sonos fan, and I really enjoy using their audio products. At home, we have at least one of their speakers in each room, their soundbars are connected to our televisions, and their new Roam 2 portable speaker is fantastic. With Sonos Prime Day Deals, you can save up to 29% on some of their most popular speakers.

Sonos Roam 2 Review: Convenient Bluetooth, WiFi and Apple Airplay 2 Integration in a Truly Portable Speaker

Sonos consistently sets the bar high with its innovative, high-quality multi-room speakers. As an avid user of Sonos products, I’ve integrated their speakers into my home, leveraging their seamless connectivity and superior sound quality in every room. Their latest offering, the $179 Sonos Roam 2, is a portable speaker option that allows you to have Sonos sound just about anywhere.

Gear Diary’s Best of IFA 2019 Awards

  Berlin’s annual IFA show is the largest consumer electronics event in Europe with “more digital lifestyle products in one place than any other show worldwide.” After walking the show floor, sitting in on private pre-briefings, standing inside packed press conferences, and attending media-only showcase events, these are the items we’ve chosen for Gear Diary’s Best of IFA 2019 Awards.

Sonos Amp Brings Sonos Magic to the High-End Speakers You Already Own

Sonos has been on a roll lately. The Sonos Beam with built-in voice capabilities was released recently. Then Sonos rolled out compatibility with AirPlay 2 for some of its speakers. Now the company has announced the Sonos Amp. The $599 Sonos Amp is a replacement for the Sonos Connect: Amp, but it is much more than a mere replacement.

Sonos Rolls Out New PLAY:5 Speaker and Trueplay Tuning Software

I love my Sonos system. I have speakers in my living room, my bedroom and even the bathroom. Now Sonos is announcing a new PLAY:5. Pre-orders start Thursday, Oct. 29 and the new speaker will be available in US stores November 20. Available in a matte black and matte white, the new Sonos PLAY:5 will retail for $499 USD.

Sonos Software Update 5.2 Is Public Beta Awesomeness

I love when companies add value for consumers long after product purchases have been made. That is exactly what Sonos has, and continues, to do. The latest public beta of the Sonos software brings enhancements to the musical system that will be welcome by pretty much anyone who loves Sonos. Yes, it’s a Beta but it is still worth checking out. The first enhancement is specifically targeted toward those who, like me, own and use a Sonos PLAYBAR.The audio device already sounded great but the update brings enhanced sound so it’s even better. As SONOS explains: Enjoy a HiFi soundbar…

Sonos Delivers New Ways to Control Your Music

I have a wide range of audio devices from which to choose. The one I use most? My Sonos system. (Check out our Setting Up Sonos video here.) Sonos has expanded their speaker offerings but the iOS and Android apps have remains mostly unchanged. Until now. New apps are on the way and they promise more music enjoyment than ever.  

Sonos Controller Updated to Version 4.1 – Tweaks and Improvements You’ll Appreciate

I love my Sonos system. I love it enough that I have a Sonos component in just about every room of the house. I love it enough that I purchased a PLAYBAR as soon as the product was announced (our review is forthcoming), and I added a Sonos SUB a few days after that. The one Sonos component I never purchased was the Sonos Controller. The reason was simple — by the time I entered into the Sonos ecosystem, their iOS and Android Controller apps were functional enough that I didn’t need a dedicated controller. At this point my Sonos…

The Sonos PLAYBAR Soundbar Brings Big Sound to Your Home Theater

As expected, Sonos has just introduced their new Playbar Soundbar and, yes, as a huge Sonos fan I ordered one. You might recall that I first ordered my Sonos system a mere hours after receiving a loaner review sample. I hooked up the Sonos system, downloaded the iOS app, turned it on and was blown away. I loved the sound. I loved the convenience. I loved the ability to control each speaker and stream pretty much any music I wanted to it. I was bit by the Sonos bug and ordered two Plat:5s. Since then my ‘collection” of Sonos components…

Sonos Goes iOS Direct

One of the things I most love about the Libratone Zipp is its ability to play music directly from my iOS and OS X devices. It is a small convenience but one that I have come to truly appreciate. Now Sonos has added some similar functionality. As an email this morning explains… The latest software upgrade helps you play even more music, quickly, in deep, richly textured HiFi sound. Sonos now plays your iTunes® music direct from your iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch® anywhere there is a Sonos speaker or player. No more syncing your Apple® mobile device with your…

Sonos Adds Support for Amazon Cloud Player and… It is a Big Deal

Amazon is making some big moves with its Cloud Player music service. They recently improved the way the system works and now lets you scan your music in much the same way iTunes Music Match does. Now word comes that Sonos has added support for Amazon Cloud Player. As they explain, YOUR MUSIC. EVERYWHERE. FROM THE CLOUD TO YOUR COUCH. Import and securely store your entire music library in the cloud Search, browse and play every song, album and playlist in every room with the Sonos Wireless HiFi System Amazon MP3 purchases are automatically stored in Cloud Player, and you…

Sonos SUB Reviewed; It Brings “Soul-Shaking Sound and Heart-Pounding Design”

If there is one line of products with which I have been totally enamored it is the Sonos system I purchased a bit over a year ago. To recall my experience with Sonos: I had long been interested in the company and their wireless audio system, but I had never actually seen or heard one in action. I reached out to the company, and they were kind enough to send a loaner system for review. I got it, opened the boxes, set up the system (it took me just a few minutes), and turned it on. I listened, then listened…

The New Sonos Sub Does Bass the Sonos Way

Ever since I first heard a Sonos wireless music system I have been a fan. In fact, just 36 hours after receiving the review loaner unit, I ordered my own system. As I have written previously, my Sonos system is, by far, one of the best gear purchases I have ever made. Now Sonos is adding to their lineup and, in the process, adding some bass. As the release notes, “the Sonos SUB, a stunningly designed wireless subwoofer that takes the whole Sonos Wireless HiFi System one seismic step closer to the spine-curling, jaw-dropping, full body experience music was meant…

Setting Up a Sonos Home Audio System

My biggest personal tech find of 2011 has to be the Sonos home audio system. I got a review loaner and bought one within a day. I was that impressed with it and continue to love it. You can read the the initial review here and read the review of the new, smaller PLAY:3 here. During the inaugural Gear Fest last summer I had Carly film a quick walkthrough of setting the Sonos system up. It never made it into a post… until now.

Sonos PLAY:3 Review

We have had a fair bit of coverage of the Sonos Wireless Hi-Fi System over the past few weeks. As I noted in my initial review of the system, I only had the review units in my home for 23 hours before I went and ordered my own. I was impressed by the ease of use, the overall sound quality, and the vast amount of music that was available to me through the Sonos eco-system. It was by no means an inexpensive purchase but I have not had a single moment of buyer’s remorse. At this point I am a…

Sonos Issues Mac OS X ‘Lion’ Compatibility Warning – Don’t Upgrade Yet!!

Yesterday Michael brought word that Livescribe’s Mac desktop software is not currently compatible with Mac OS X Lion. In other words, if you rely on Livescribe don’t upgrade to OS X Lion. This isn’t a surprise or even an issue since there are always small bumps along the way whenever new operating systems come out.  Issues emerge and, within a short period of time, are resolved. This time is no different. I just got word that the same holds true for Sonos’ Mac Controller. It too is not currently compatible with Mac OS X Lion. I’ve been using Lion for…

Sonos + Spotify = Even More Music Throughout the House

Despite using MOG quite a bit recently (It replaced RDIO for me.) I’m still a huge Slacker Radio fan. I like the interface, the customization and the catalogue. And now that you can cache music AND selectively grab tracks or albums it is just awesome. Unfortunately it still doesn’t integrate with my Sonos audio system so, at home at least, it is either MOG or Pandora. Hopefully I’ll have yet another choice before the day is out. Spotify went live in the US this morning and I’m waiting for my invite to arrive so I can try out the long-awaited…