Print Your Face on Beer This St. Patricks Day with Beer Ripples

Beer Ripples

Think latte art is cool? How about beer art? Personalized pints are about to become a thing thanks to Beer Ripples.

Beer Ripples is a machine that transforms any-foam topped beer into a personalized pint.

Within seconds you can have a photo, logo or slogan floating at the top of your beer. The counter-top sized device uses similar technology to what you find in 3D printers, except instead of using toxic materials, it uses “malt-based ink”. Ink has never sounded or tasted more delicious, has it?

We tried out the machine ourselves and were impressed with how quickly the machine transformed our photo into a mouth-watering art piece. Ripple says the whole process takes just 11 seconds, but it seemed even faster than in person. The process is controlled using a touchscreen and a U.I. that comes preloaded with hundreds of images and messages, but it’s easy enough to use print your own custom image via the Ripples smartphone app.

Measuring 8.5” x 10.5”, the device itself is not that much bigger than a Keurig machine and the system is able to support glasses up to seven inches tall. Ripples is available to purchase in the U.S. for $3,000. But there is a catch – there is also an annual subscription fee of $1,500 which provides owners with all consumables for up to 6,000 prints, along with customer service support.

Ultimately, Beer Ripples’ lofty pricing means that it’s going to be relegated for commercial use only – at least for now. That said, we expect to see plenty of bars using Beer Ripples as a fun way to get people even MORE engaged with their beer.

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