Lightweight Sunski Sunglasses are Built for Fun in the Sun

If you’re on the lookout for a fresh pair of shades, Sunski may be the Holy Grail at the end of your quest. They’ve got loads of styles and color combinations, along with polarized lenses and a lifetime warranty. You can get your hands on these fashionable yet extremely lightweight frames starting at $48.

Sunski’s shtick is that they make super lightweight sunglasses that won’t slide around while you’re out enjoying life’s adventures. Also, every pair of glasses comes with polarized lenses plus their lifetime guarantee. No matter what happens, Sunski will replace your frames or lenses no questions asked. Sunksi concentrates on timeless designs that use high-quality materials that can handle whatever life throws at you. Plus, Sunski is a member of 1% For The Planet, which is a group of businesses that promise to donate the equivalent of 1% of their sales to protect the planet. The 1% is given through a combination of monetary donations, employee volunteer time, product or service donations, and more.

Sunski was generous enough to send me a pair of their Headlands shades for testing and review. I chose the Grey Blue color, which has grey frames and bright blue lenses. When I say Sunski’s sunglasses are extremely light, I mean it. They weigh in at less than one ounce, 0.8 oz to be specific. They’re so light; it almost feels like you aren’t wearing sunglasses at all.

The glasses also fit my head extremely well. It may be cliché to say that they fit like a glove, so I’ll just say that they fit like a pair of really good sunglasses. I would feel very comfortable doing just about anything in these sunglasses without worrying about them falling off. Plus, even if they did, which would be extremely surprising, they’re covered by a lifetime warranty!

The glasses come with a soft microfiber pouch that does double duty protecting the glasses and cleaning the lenses. Priced at $48, these sunnies feel like a steal. Sunski covers all bases with a great design, super lightweight and well-fitting glasses, polarized lenses, and a lifetime warranty.

You should also check out Sunski’s latest style, the Treelines. It’s a contemporary take on the iconic glacier goggle. It combines Sunski’s tried and true sunglass design but adds removable, perforated side panels to provide added glare protection. The side panels are held in place using a recessed magnet. The frames also feature recessed rubber nose pads to add more grip, while the weight of the Treelines remains under one ounce. The Treelines is available in Tortoise Forest and Black Tortoise Slate for $89.99.

You can get your adventure ready sunglasses today directly from their site

Source: The Sunski Headlands sunglasses was a manufacturer supplied review sample.

What I Like: Nice design; Lightweight; Polarized lenses; Lifetime warranty

What Needs Improvement: Nothing that I could see

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