EcoFlow Power Kit Review: An Off-Grid Game Changer for RVs, Tiny Homes, and Camper Trailers

We’ve reviewed several EcoFlow products in the past year, and they’ve all met or surpassed expectations. I was recently sent one of the EcoFlow Power Kits to see if it could run my RV camper off the grid. This post will be a walk-through of the product and how it works, and I’ll have another post soon covering my particular installation. Let’s take a look!

EcoFlow Power Kit Review: An Off-Grid Game Changer for RVs, Tiny Homes, and Camper Trailers

EcoFlow Power Kits are the world’s first compact modular power solution made specifically for tiny homes, vans, and RVs. These power kits are designed to provide a plug-and-play installation that is quick and painless and that can power anything you need without having to figure out what pieces will work together or having to figure out how to wire them all up to make the system work.

One power kit runs the entire system with easy-to-use cabling; this will also save space while offering four charging methods and intelligent controls.

An EcoFlow Power Kit installed in an RV.

When I began researching options to take my camper off-grid, I found many articles and videos with plenty of information, but I felt like I kept getting more confused the deeper I dug.

There are a lot of calculations and planning necessary to create full-time battery power, and there are many different ways to design a system.

When I saw the EcoFlow Power Kits, based on my experience with the brand, I knew one of them would be the perfect option.

There is still a little DIY installation necessary, but the guesswork about which components you’ll need and how to wire them together is taken care of. We’ll take a quick look at the pieces in the kit, and then you can watch the video I made showing how to connect it and get it running.

Almost any space can be powered with EcoFlow Power Kit options that range from 2kWh of storage to 15kWh.

The EcoFlow Power Hub

The EcoFlow Power Hub

The Power Hub is the main component that makes all of this happen. This plug-and-play power box does all of the inverter and charging work; all you have to do is attach the cables. The Power Hub includes the inverter charger/ battery charger with an MPPT/ MPPT solar charge controller. It also has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth and an AC outlet. Everything is built-in, and it will automatically recognize and do its job when connected.

EcoFlow Power Kit Review: An Off-Grid Game Changer for RVs, Tiny Homes, and Camper Trailers


The front of the Power Hub provides three solar charging ports, and one can be used as an alternator charge cable that can be run to the battery of your vehicle and charged while driving. Next are three battery ports. The third port can also accommodate the EcoFlow Smart Generator to add another layer of charging capability. The AC port is used to charge with shore power, and a 2400W AC outlet is also included. All of the cables are labeled and easy to install.

EcoFlow Power Kit Review: An Off-Grid Game Changer for RVs, Tiny Homes, and Camper Trailers

The side panel includes the 1600W DC main out plug and the 2000W AC main out plug. These cables are set up to be wired into whatever is needed; I plan on wiring an RV plug to the AC main out. There is also a ground screw and ports to connect the Power Kit Console.

EcoFlow Power Kit Review: An Off-Grid Game Changer for RVs, Tiny Homes, and Camper Trailers

The stackable batteries come in 2kWh and 5kWh capacities. Up to three batteries can be connected, so it’s easy to build your system based on your needed power. I’m using the 15kWh battery, so I’ll be utilizing all three battery slots; I also have the EcoFlow Smart Generator, so I can quickly charge two batteries if my power use is extra high.

The EcoFLow Power Kit battery

While compactly sized, the batteries are pretty heavy, but they can be carried using the built-in handles. The plugs connect in the middle and are recessed to stay out of the way; there is also a power button and a charge level display.

The batteries can be stacked side by side or on top of each other, depending on the location and space allocated. As you can see, they stack nicely, and the cables can still be run for a clean install. Once installed in my camper, the batteries will be side by side, but I’ll have more on that in my next post.

Two stacked EcoFlow Power Kit batteries

EcoFlow Power Kit Review: An Off-Grid Game Changer for RVs, Tiny Homes, and Camper Trailers

The final piece of the set is the Power Kit Console. This seven-inch touchscreen connects to the Power Hub’s side ports and controls and monitors your entire power system from inside your van, camper, or tiny home.

The bright and clear panel gives an attractive real-time view of your power consumption and charging levels; this information is also available in the EcoFlow app, but having the ability to monitor from the wall at any moment is awesome.

EcoFlow Power Kit Review: An Off-Grid Game Changer for RVs, Tiny Homes, and Camper Trailers

After its installation in our camper, I’ll include a complete breakdown of how it has worked out for us.

The EcoFlow Power Kit is a no-nonsense power product that does everything you need with a space-saving, well-thought-out design. All my questions and any confusion I had while trying to piece together my own system are gone, and now my energy can be directed toward installing and managing the charging options. EcoFlow Power Kits are a game changer for anyone who needs off-grid battery power and doesn’t know where to start.

I’m excited to install the EcoFlow Power Kit in my camper, so I can begin putting it through real-world tests, but I can already tell that the ability to camp off-grid is going to change how my family stays at our ranch and how we are able to handle deer hunting season,

Check back soon for my next installment following the EcoFlow Power Kit’s installation and use in our RV camper.

Ecoflow Power Kit prices start at $4,747; multiple configurations are available directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: The power kits have a simple plug-and-play design; All of the components needed to get powered are included; The kits use an easy-to-follow cable system; Using one of these power kits is the perfect way to create an off-grid power source for your van, camper trailer, RV, or home

What Needs Improvement: Although compact, the battery packs are quite heavy

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