The CouchBed Is the Perfect Substitute for Futons and Air Mattresses

If you’ve ever had a slumber party or gathering where friends come over but you’ve run out of seats, or you have guests visiting overnight but don’t have ample space for them to sleep, you really need to check out a new product called the CouchBed.

Full Disclosure: Yes, the CouchBed is exactly what you think it is.

Essentially a memory foam mattress that converts into a convenient couch for a houseguest, when I received the CouchBed I was truly amazed. I’ve been through multiple futons in my lifetime, and they are bulky, take up a lot of space, and rather uncomfy. Completely not the case with the CouchBed. It’s completely practical if you have the space (and decor) for it. When not in use, it sits in my guest bedroom against the wall standing upright since that room is mostly vacant. It would go in my living room if the fiancé would allow it but that’s certainly not the case here. When we do upgrade to a house, the CouchBed will easily be in my man cave as a go-to solution for house parties, and friends who don’t mind sitting a bit closer to the floor.

The CouchBed Is the Perfect Substitute for Futons and Air Mattresses

I received the charcoal colored CouchBed and unboxing was a breeze. The company included a nice safety blade that allows you to open up the packaging and the vacuum-sealed mattress without doing any harm to the CouchBed itself, and takes all but 20-30 minutes to expand. (The company mentions waiting a few hours to let it fully expand, but if you’re in a pinch you can sleep or sit on it immediately).

The CouchBed Is the Perfect Substitute for Futons and Air Mattresses

If you opt to sit upright in a couch style, it’s pretty comfy. It’s a bit lower to the ground compared to your standard couch, so I know my grandmother certainly wouldn’t sit on it due to her bad knee, but if you have friends over to watch the playoffs and don’t have enough available seats, the couchbed will easily seat two, up to three people depending on body type. There’s enough armrest on the ends of the couch to resemble a couch and I have nothing bad to say about it.

The CouchBed Is the Perfect Substitute for Futons and Air Mattresses

As far as sleep, it’s even better. One weekend we had a few guests stay the night, but with our guest bedroom bed already spoken for, the options were to use an air mattress we had, or the CouchBed, and hands down the CouchBed won. Not only is it leaps and bounds more comfortable, but we were able to cover up the seams from where the bed can fold into a couch with a sheet, and it felt as though you were just laying on your typical mattress. There’s no bad odor to the bed at all after unboxing, and if there were one thing that I could request, is possibly added accessories like pillows to complete the CouchBed. At less than $400, you get a lot for the price, and available in both a Twin size (the model that I have) or Queen size, this is better than any air mattress you currently have stowed in your closet.

For more information on the CouchBed, head over to their site today:

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Comfortable, easy placement in any room

What Needs Improvement: May want to cover with a sheet prior to sleeping on to avoid the seam.

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