Qalo Renewed My Wedding Band Vows

I have not worn a wedding band for many years. Not because I am avoiding the appearance of being married, but because of my outdoor lifestyle. My poor ring has been through a lot in the last 20 years, and I finally just quit wearing it. For around $40, I purchased a Qalo ring; I’m not disappointed in the least. 

The recent popularity of silicone wedding bands has piqued my interest. They have become wildly popular in the coaching circle, and I decided it was time to give wearing one a try. Most of the year, I am either coaching or in the woods, so my original wedding band has taken a lot of abuse. From whacks on football helmets to taking baseball gloves on and off and swinging bats, my ring was often getting bent, chipped, scratched or even painfully caught on things. My wife knew I had no ill intentions for not wearing my ring anymore, and I eventually just locked it in the safe and went without.

Qalo Renewed My Wedding Band Vows

With two coaches on staff jumping on the silicone ring craze and numerous opponents wearing them, I told my wife I was going to get one but wanted to find a design that meant something. Qalo had just come out with a new ring design with a wrapped arrow. It was like they designed the ring especially for me! Of course, as an avid archer and hunter it fits my personality, but the mystical flight of the arrow is something even deeper and a perfect way to show my appreciation for my marriage.

Qalo Renewed My Wedding Band Vows

The Qalo ring is not a replacement for my original wedding band, but merely a placeholder. I intend to still wear my real band in certain situations, but this ring allows me to show my love for my wife on a daily basis. I understand that many couples may not be willing to wear an alternate ring due to sentimental or religious reasons, but for those of us who do not wear them due to work or hobbies that can be dangerous, it is a great stand-in.

The ring fits me perfectly. It seems to stretch and move with me when I am active and using my hands, and it never gets in the way. Yesterday at practice, I used a glove to catch and hit close to a thousand balls, and the ring never interfered or became uncomfortable. I am super excited to be able to wear a wedding ring again and so is my wife. She said, “Alright! We are married again” when it first came in. (she was joking of course)

Qalo Renewed My Wedding Band Vows

For anyone with an active lifestyle or who does things with their hands, the Qalo ring is a wonderful option to allow you to continue to wear a wedding band. The rings are inexpensive, and they come in a variety of colors and designs. My ring fits well and does not interfere with my job or hobbies. Getting this ring has been a great decision, and it makes my wife super happy also. Go to their website and find your design today!

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What I like: Easy to wear, inexpensive, and allows me to wear a wedding band once again

What can be improved: Nothing as of now

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