Kanto Link 3X HDMI Auto Switcher Review – Connects Your Home Theater

I’m setting up a home theater and, in the process, discovered how much I hate having multiple cables running from the back of my television. Still, when I connect an Apple TV, a gaming console etc each needs its own cable right? Wrong. The Kanto Link 3X HDMI Auto Switcher is one HDMI cable that connects three devices.

The cable looks like an ordinary HDMI cable on one side but expands to offer not one but three female HDMI ports on the other. Each is color-coded and numbered so you won’t have to add little labels in order to keep everything straight. The numbers, of course, coordinate with the indicator lights on the cable side of the 3-port end. As Kanto explains:

The Link 3x HDMI Auto Switcher is a must-have for your home entertainment setup. Now you can conveniently switch between 3 different HDMI sources without the need to change cables. The auto switch automatically recognizes new HDMI sources as they become available and switches the HDMI source accordingly. The connector also features a manual switch and LED status for each port. The auto switch still allows for full 1080p resolution and maximum bandwidth of your cables.

 Kanto Link 3X HDMI Auto Switcher


I really appreciate the fact that adding the three-port input doesn’t result in a loss of resolution since a full HD signal is still able to make it through from the source to the television. I also appreciate the fact that while the unit will automatically switch to the video source that is currently active you can also use the small silver button to manually move between sources. The fact that it is just 5′ long might be an issue in some situations but for most of us it should be sufficient. Features of the  Kanto Link 3X HDMI Auto Switcher include:

  • 3×1 HDMI Auto Switch to Male HDMI
  • Support for up to 3 HDMI connections
  • Auto recognition with manual source switch
  • The ability to connect all your HD devices through one source

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The Link 3X HDMI Auto Switcher isn’t inexpensive but if you want to get rid of the rat’s nest of cables behind your tv, or you have a television with less HDMI inputs than you have video sources to connect, it is a simple and convenient accessory. The  Kanto Link 3X HDMI Auto Switcher is easy to use, gets the job done and delivers exactly what it promises. The cable has an MSRP of $59.95 but you can purchase it for $51 here in our Amazon Affiliate Store.

MSRP: $59.95

What I Like: Lets you connect three different sources and switch between them; Will automatically and manually let you switch

What Needs Improvement: More expensive than buying three discount cables individually; Only 5′ long

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Kanto Link 3X HDMI Auto Switcher

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