Gear Diary’s 2018 Father’s Day Gift Guide

V2 Series 3 Vaporizer with V2 Pro Pods

WARNING: The products discussed may contain or use nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical; in many cities and a few states, you must be 21 to purchase vaping products and/or products containing nicotine. Please familiarize yourself with and obey the law in your location.

If Dad has moved on from cigarettes to a vaporizer (or if you are trying to hint that he quit smoking), then he’ll love the convenience of the V2 Series 3 vape ($54.99 for the starter kit) with V2 Pro Pods ($9.99 refills for a pack of 3). No e-liquid to refill, no mess, just pop in a V2 Pro Pod and go. V2 Pro Pods have a much higher capacity than the JUUL pods, and you can still choose from four flavors in nicotine strengths from 2.4% down to 0%. Help Dad fulfill a promise he’s made (more than once) to quit smoking; give him something more convenient, more controlled, and that contains less nicotine and carcinogens — while he still gets to enjoy blowing out a satisfying cloud of vapor.

Belkin ScreenForce Tempered Curve Screen Protection

Gear Diary's 2018 Father's Day Gift Guide

If Dad has a shiny new phone, then he needs to keep its screen pristine. Putting his phone in his pockets with coins and keys is just as likely to scratch that display as dropping it facedown; a good screen protector will keep his phone screen safe no matter where he keeps or drops his phone. One of my personal faves is the $44.99 Belkin ScreenForce Tempered Curve. Not only does it offer edge-to-edge protection so there aren’t any abrupt edges on the sides, it’s super easy to get right the first time with their included installation tray. Next time Dad drops his phone or scratches it, he’ll be thanking you as he pulls off the shattered screen protector to reveal his pristine display.

Matrix Power Watch X

Gear Diary's 2018 Father's Day Gift Guide

Your Dad is cool, and he deserves a cool watch, too! The $279 Matrix Power Watch X never needs charging because it gets its power from your body heat. Even better, this is the only body-heat powered smartwatch on the market with smartphone notifications, activity-tracking and more. Think about it — no more complaints from Dad because he forgot to remove his watch the night before to charge it. If Dad takes it off, his data will be stored in the watch’s internal memory; when he puts it back on, it will turn back on and pick right back up where he left it. Dad will have fun checking to see how much electricity his body heat is producing — Matrix says that makes it the most accurate measure of calories burned on the market. Of course, the watch comes with companion apps for Android or iOS, so he’ll be able to customize and track to his heart’s content.

ION Audio Mustang LP

Gear Diary's 2018 Father's Day Gift Guide

Help Dad enjoy that stack of LPs he’s been holding onto with the ION Sound Mustang LP. The Mustang LP’s retro styling hides a quiet belt-drive 3-speed turntable that can play every record in his collection  — and record them to a USB flash drive! And yes, that’s a radio built-in, so he can also listen to his favorite local stations.

Chamberlain Realtree EDGE Universal Garage Remote

Gear Diary's 2018 Father's Day Gift Guide

If Dad is a hunter, then he’ll enjoy this little touch of camouflage every time he opens or shuts the automatic garage door. The $42.99 Chamberlain Universal Remote has been done up in Realtree EDGE, and it’s the perfect subtle reminder of where dad likes to spend his fall days — out hunting! Dad will be able to control up to two garage doors with this remote, and it works with over 90% of the garage door openers installed in North America. The remote has an 800′ range, and it can work with garage doors, automatic gates, and even commercial doors. If mom decides she wants to upgrade, they come in other colors, as well.

Brooklinen Super-Plush Towels

Gear Diary's 2018 Father's Day Gift Guide

These Super-plush towels from Brooklinen will help Dad feel like a new man. These luxurious towels are made from long-staple Turkish cotton grown in the Aegean region. They are so soft, that don’t be surprised if you catch Dad snuggling into them like he’s the Snuggle fabric softener bear. A complete towel set can be picked up for $189.99.


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