It’s Always 5 O’ Clock Wherever You Are with the Bartesian


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Every year CES in Las Vegas is fueled by a lot of things you might not think of: Long nights, early mornings, shared cab rides, and plenty of alcohol. So when we stopped by the Bartesian booth, it was a match made in heaven.

It's Always 5 O' Clock Wherever You Are with the Bartesian

The Bartesian is a cocktail machine that very much resembles an Nespresso machine. The world’s first capsule-based adult beverage maker first stunned me at CES 2016,  so checking them out again this year to see their advancements in the super swanky product made me want to have one in my home bar. If you are a drinker, socially or other, the Bartesian is an more than a product, it’s an experience. Using premium cocktail capsules (which are recyclable by the way), the Bartesian is a no hassle, no recipe way to get the party started.

It's Always 5 O' Clock Wherever You Are with the Bartesian

Using four reservoirs for the spirts (vodka, rum, gin and tequila), that’s all you’ll ever need, just be sure it’s not the cheap brands, because hangovers are never good. Since the Bartesian capsules don’t actually contain any alcohol, but rather the juices, bitters and liqueurs, the options are endless on the choices you’d like for your reservoirs. After you’ve set this, you get to choose the strength of your drink, from mocktail to triple shot. Admittedly, I personally requested a “Drunk” option, but no worries, the company is aware, and are considering it, so stay tuned.

It's Always 5 O' Clock Wherever You Are with the Bartesian

Launching with six different flavors, there are three classics you’ll probably ordered from the bar before, and three that might interest you if you’re adventurous:

  • Cosmopolitan
  • Margarita
  • Sex on the Beach
  • Zest Martini
  • Uptown Rocks
  • Bartesian Breeze

It's Always 5 O' Clock Wherever You Are with the Bartesian

I had the opportunity to try the Uptown Rocks, and the Bartesian Breeze, and I prefer both. As someone who doesn’t really go for drinks that have a “zing” to them, I was really surprised with the Breeze though, and if you have houseguest over, this would be a for sure drink folks would love, and I have every intent of doing this at the next party that I host. With more flavors to come, Bartesian is open to suggestions as well. So much so they’ve worked with cocktail experts including Dee Brun the “Cocktail Deeva” to make sure that your home Bar never needs the assistance of Jon Taffer.

It's Always 5 O' Clock Wherever You Are with the Bartesian

With an elegant European design with stainless steel accents, the Bartesian only has three buttons, and the on device screen walks you through the entire process. The perfect home companion is currently available for preorder and you can find out more information about it directly from Bartesian today.

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