iMovR Redefines With the Lander Standing Desk

Many of our lives are spent at desks in front of monitors nowadays which is not helping anyone’s health. Standing desks have become popular and iMovR has brought them to a new level. The Lander Desk (starting at $999) is the company’s strongest, smartest, and quietest desk. Packed with features, it connects to your phone to bring it full automation. 

I was first interested in this desk because we were working on setting up a family computer area since my kids are getting older and have a lot of assignments at school that require a PC. Having the ability to utilize a standing desk was a huge plus. When ordering the Lander Desk, you choose the size which ranges from 3.5′ to 7′ and can be ordered in 6-inch increments. Next, choose your desktop color. There are 10 choices that include solid colors as well as wood grain designs. Finally, choose your base color and other options. Being pretty boring, I ordered the shark gray top and black base. My desk is 4′ which is plenty for our need.

The desk comes packed in 2 boxes and is almost completely pre-assembled. I was really impressed by the full-color instruction booklet that was included considering how easy the desk was to set up.

The first step is to lay the desktop face down. We placed it on a blanket to protect the finish. Simply insert the legs and connect the motor, then place the locking mechanism in place and your desk is assembled. Plug the desk in and it is ready to use!

The desk can be controlled using the paddle located on the right side or the free smartphone app.

Heights can be set within 10ths of an inch and will be usable by nearly anyone. We are using the 4 presets for sitting height, my standing height, my wife and oldest son’s standing height, and my youngest’s standing height. This just makes it super easy for everyone to be consistent and comfortable with their heights. The favorites can be utilized on the phone app as well as the paddle.

Now that we have discussed assembly and basic use of the Lander Desk, let’s talk about the quality. This desk has a lot of options and features, but it really shines with its quality. The desk is solid and stable at any height. Raise it to the highest setting and it performs the same as if you were sitting in a chair. The motor is amazing. Super quiet, and smooth. It is a joy to move the desk from each setting, which I never thought I would say about a desk. If the desk is going back down, it will stop if it catches a chair or anything that could put it in a bind; it is the first desk to be UL approved. This desk is top quality and backed by a fantastic warranty and 100-day satisfaction guarantee.

Features, details, and quality seem to be a priority with the Lander Desk and iMovR has hit a home run with this product. I cannot believe I never knew how useful a stand-up desk could be for our family. The built-in coach will let the desk automatically move you from standing to sitting making sure you do not spend an entire day being inactive. The desk has become a fixture at our home and is used hours a day by the entire family. My youngest said it best, “Dad, this might be the coolest desk I have ever used.” Go to their website and find the options that suit your style and needs. You will not be disappointed.

Source: Manufacturer’s review sample

What I Like: High quality stand up desk with super quiet and smooth motor; Clear instructions and easy to assemble; I love the separate settings for the family to use

What Needs Improvement: With the options available, I believe the desk can be situated to meet anyone’s tastes, so none at this time

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