The FlexiSpot Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation Is an Office Revelation!

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The FlexiSpot Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation Is an Office Revelation! Listen to this article

There’s been a big shift in the workplace environment, with many desk workers breaking free from their chairs and turning to standing desks. Loctek is looking to serve the not-so-lazy office worker with their new FlexiSpot sit-stand desktop workstations. With effortless transitions from sitting, to standing, and back to sitting, this convenient solution impresses. FlexiSpot workstations start at $329.99.


Loctek provided me with a review sample of their FlexiSpot M2W workstation; it features a 35” wide desktop and keyboard stand, and 13.8 inches of height adjustability with 12 height settings. Incredibly, the FlexiSpot can hold up to 35 pounds! The most convenient feature of the FlexiSpot is that it can simply be placed on top of any existing desk and will convert it into a sit/stand desk. I chose the white version, but they also offer a black version, the M2B.  Also, FlexiSpot offers a smaller version, the M1W/M1B that is 27″ wide.

Assembly Photos:

The assembly process was simple as can be, you just needed to screw the keyboard tray brackets to the keyboard tray with 8 screws, attach the keyboard tray to the desktop, and you’re ready to go! My biggest piece of advice would be to assemble the desk where you’re most likely to be using it. I set up my FlexiSpot at home and then brought it to work with me, which proved difficult without the help of my wife since it’s fairly heavy and unwieldy to carry on your own.

06-FlexiSpot M2W Gear Diary-005 07-FlexiSpot M2W Gear Diary-006

These sleek workstations employ a gas spring system to allow the desk to be easily converted from sitting position to standing position. With a quick press of the handles on each side of the workstation, I can raise or lower the desk with a light push or pull on the handles. The workstation raises or lowers completely vertically, so you don’t need to make any room on your desk, other than the 31” x 22.3” space the workstation takes up.

The desktop is large enough to fit my laptop as well as a huge Samsung curved monitor and still has room to hold papers as well. Plus, there’s a cutout at the front of the desktop that is designed to be used as a tablet stand. The adjustable keyboard tray provides enough room to fit a keyboard and mouse. The FlexiSpot desktop is also compatible with ergonomic monitor mounts, sold separately.

08-FlexiSpot M2W Gear Diary-007 09-FlexiSpot M2W Gear Diary-008

While standing desks have been touted as solving the world’s problems in the past, there are also those who claim the benefits of standing while you work aren’t as numerous as once believed. While standing desks may not be proven to be better for you than sitting desks, I have found that I prefer standing while I work for a portion of the day. I find that it helps me concentrate while also breaking up the day a little bit, letting me switch positions when I’m feeling antsy.

Overall, I’ve been incredibly impressed with the FlexiSpot sit-stand workstation. It was simple to assemble, easy to use, and makes a big difference during my workday. It holds everything I need it to hold and has only made a positive impact on my work experience. My only complaint is that it’s really heavy and that once it’s assembled, it’s fairly difficult to move around without another person to help.

In its natural habitat.

In its natural habitat.

If you are in the market for a sit-stand solution and you’ve already got desk furniture in your office, the FlexiSpot is a great option for you to consider. You can purchase the FlexiSpot from Price Depot!

Source: The FlexiSpot M2W Sit Stand Workstation was provided by the manufacturer as a review sample.

What I Like: Simple assembly; Easy transition from sitting to standing; Fits up to two monitors; Allows me to stand when needed

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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