UPLIFT Motion Stool

Human Solutions, makers of great sit-stand desks suggests, “It’s time to rethink the concept of what an ergonomic office chair should be. The stylish and ergonomic UPLIFT Motion Stool has what your body needs for any type of perch-standing at your desk.” They sent me one for review with their UPLIFT Desk and I am sold.


UPLIFT Motion Stool

I’m someone who likes a desk chair I can sit comfortably in so when Human Solutions offered to send an UPLIFT Motion Stool with the UPLIFT Desk I recently reviewed (read the review) I was interested but a bit skeptical. And while I don’t use it all the time, it is not intended for that, and I have found that it is a great alternative to my desk chair for periods of time.

UPLIFT Motion Stool

The UPLIFT Motion Stool came in a few parts but putting it together took little more than a few minutes. I inserted the vertical post into the base and then positioned the seat on top of the port. Seconds later it was ready for use.

The functional, weighted base keeps the stool standing tall when not in use, while rubber treading on the underside of the base won’t slip as you sit, stand, perch, or tilt. The UPLIFT Motion Stool is just what you need to add to your sit-stand desk to keep you motivated throughout the day.

UPLIFT Motion Stool

The base is weighted, so while it will rock from side to side, it won’t fall over. (Think about the Russian nesting dolls and you will have an idea of what it does.) The base has rubber tread so, while it will rock from side to side, it won’t shift position under you. That allows for a degree of stability that is important if you don’t want to constantly be worried about ending up on the ground. Seriously, while you can fall off the stool, if you do so it is only because you were not paying attention and moved in ways that make no sense.

This isn’t your average sit-stand stool. Soft fabric on the seat gives you maximum breathability for even the warmest environments, while the padded convex cushion with waterfall edges reduces pressure points all over.

UPLIFT Motion Stool

The seat cushion on my review sample is a black material that is soft, breathable and extremely comfortable whether you are using the UPLIFT Motion Stool to sit or simply lean back on while using the UPLIFT desk in a standing position. The breathable material never feels overly hot. That’s even the case if you are sitting on the stool for an extended period.

UPLIFT Motion Stool

It also comes in blue!

The stool weighs 23 lbs and has a height from 23.5″ to 33.5″. It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

UPLIFT Motion Stool

Adjusting the stool height is simple. At three locations beneath the stool’s seat, there are hard plastic adjustment spots. Thanks to the two finger indentations in the hard plastic it is easy to location the adjustment buttons without taking your eyes off the computer screen. And because there are three different adjustment points form which to choose, you can easily access one of the three sports no matter how you are sitting on the stool.

UPLIFT Motion Stool

If you are sitting on the stool in a low, seated position, you can raise the stool by depressing one of the three adjustment sports and taking your weight off of the stool. It will immediately rise to the position you want. Releasing the adjustment locks the stool into place at the desired height.

UPLIFT Motion Stool

If on the other hand, you have the stool in a raised, standing position and want to sit on it you depress the adjustment and allow your weight to push the stool down. When it arrives at the desired height, you simply release the adjustment to lock the stool at that height.


  • Easy-to-push buttons allow for 10″ of height adjustment, for a fully adjustable sit-stand stool
  • Weighted base with center of gravity stability encourages a full range of motion, from active sitting to perching
  • Molded rubber base provides friction throughout movement, so you won’t slip
  • Waterfall seat cushion alleviates pressure, allows maximum flexibility, and promotes circulation
  • Gas spring raises and lowers the seat and is covered with protective epoxy powder coating
  • Black shell body is a molded polypropylene material
  • Self-balancing stool returns to upright position after use
  • Recommended for users 5’2″ and taller; more petite users can add a footrest for a better fit

I read some of the FAQs on the product page and thought it might be helpful to share a few.

Can I use this at low or high desk heights? The 10″ height range allows you to use the stool while seated or standing. At its lowest setting, the stool will be 23.5″ high. When you want to move to standing, you can “perch” on your stool by positioning it in a tripod position with your legs and leaning back into it.

Is this like one of those balance balls? It is sort of like a balance ball but it is an actual chair and it won’t pop.

Will this give my core a workout? The UPLIFT Desk Motion Stool will better engage your core muscles by allowing you to move through different positions at your standing height desk. However, it is not meant to function like a core strengthening exercise ball. You must have your feet firmly planted on the floor to safely use the Motion Stool.

Can this be used instead of a chair? While the UPLIFT Desk Motion Stool is a comfortable addition to a sit/stand workstation, it does not lower as far as most chairs, and does not offer back or lumbar support. We do not recommend it as a full-time replacement for an office chair.

Is it easy to lift and carry around? While you can lift and carry the stool, it does weigh 23 lbs because of its sturdy base.

If I’m 6’2″ can I still perch on this? Of course you can! The UPLIFT Desk Motion Stool goes up to 33.5″ at its highest setting, making it a great stool for you to perch on.

Will this work for shorter users? Users under 5’2″ tall can still use this stool! But we recommend adding a footrest to your setup in order to make this stool more suitable to your smaller frame. In addition, you may not be able to use the stool in a seated position because the lowest height setting is 23.5″ high.

Why is this called a motion stool? Not only does this stool work at a seated and a standing height desk, it will also move with you thanks to the convex base.

And, perhaps most importantly,

Can I use this all day? No, this stool is meant to break up the monotony of sitting or standing at your desk all day. Just like sitting in your office chair, sitting on the stool for long stretches of time will cause fatigue.

Here’s the company’s promo video for it!

I like the $149 UPLIFT Motion Stool and find myself using it on and off throughout the day when I am working at home. I’m debating whether or not to get one for my study at work but am leaning in the direction of “yes.” After all, having a way to work at a standing desk while fully on your feel is a great way to keep the blood flowing! Check it out here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Easy to put together; Base rocks but is heavy enough to always return to an upright position; Seat is comfortable and doesn’t get overly hot; Adjusting the stool’s height is as easy as easy can be

What Needs Improvement: It took a bit of time for me to get used to using it. It was worth the trouble!

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