HitCase’s Fleet Waterproof Cases Got Me Through the Summer

If you’re looking for a great case that is great regardless of the weather HITCASE has more than enough options for you to pick from.

There are three different models of the HITCASE that I had the opportunity to test out: The HITCASE Pro, HITCASE Shield Link, and the HITCASE Crio. Each comes with a different set of pros and cons, but for the average consumer, I can firmly say, they some of the best protective cases for drops, rain, and everything terrain.

For a separate fee, there are various mounts that you can choose from that do everything from allowing your phone to float in water with the FloatR phone mount ($29.99) to the HITCASE ShootR ($34.99) which is a stable mount that can be used as a selfie stick if you’re into that type of thing. The ChestR (are you seeing a pattern here with the names?) that obviously is a, well… chest mount so you can get all of the action without physically holding your phone. There’s even a nice car mount for your car, that you’d be a SuckR ($34.99) not to pick up for your travels.

HitCase's Fleet Waterproof Cases Got Me Through the Summer

Regarding the physical HITCASE’s however, all three are designed to work with the HITCASE Lenses. You can purchase the Super-wide, Wide, or Macro lenses separately, or you can purchase the iPhone TrueLux Lens Bundle for $99.99. If you are a huge believer in iPhonography, each is equally great.  With the Super-wide allowing you to get that extra view, you can easily fit more of that scenic ocean view that your iPhone typically couldn’t catch without an additional lens. The Wide lens allows you to fit two times more in the image than normal, showing you a clear field of view, and it actually my favorite of the three. Finally, there’s the Macro, a great lens that allows you to capture an up-close look at items by magnifying up to three times what the naked eye could see — working from 12-22mm.

Now I’m sure you’re actually interested in the cases themselves, so let’s get right to it!

HitCase's Fleet Waterproof Cases Got Me Through the Summer

The HITCASE Pro cases are available for the iPhone 6 through iPhone 8 models as well as the iPhone X. This design comes with a rail side mount system that could be a hit or miss depending on what you actually want out of your case. I initially was taken aback by the extra rail siding of the case which is a bit much for an iPhone case for me, but for you, it might be a perfect fit. The HITCASE Pro is certainly made for action sports and motion. Being waterproof and drop-proof for up to two meters, it’s a super slim, tough case that you’ll enjoy attaching to your chest, helmet, or bike when you know you’re about to be out and about. The Railside Mount system optics gives users the ability to use third-party accessories including GoPro mount, as well as HITCASE’S own mount, which is obviously a separate purchase. For my wedding weekend, I used the Hitcase Pro at the beach and I can attest that it withstood being dropped in the sand, sitting in the sun, and more importantly dealing with days on days of sunscreen fingerprints. While the screen protector is plastic versus glass, I was comfortable using this with my existing glass screen protector underneath without issue.

HitCase's Fleet Waterproof Cases Got Me Through the Summer


The HITCASE PRO (like the HITCASE Shield Pro we will talk about in a second), does work with wireless charging which is pretty nice as well so there’s nothing to worry about there. A bonus with purchasing the Pro is you get the option included (no additional purchase) of two screen options: One being the Aqua Shield as well as the second one being the Air Shield. The Aqua Shield obviously is waterproof and it it’s completely insulated in so they’ll be no water to get into your phone case while the air shield is a screen-less protector which is not waterproof, however, gives you the ability to use your phone as you were as if there was no case on it. The case is truly protective up to 16 feet and it’s waterproof up to 33 so regardless of land, air, or sea you will be fine. You can pick the HitCase Pro for $99.99.

HitCase's Fleet Waterproof Cases Got Me Through the Summer

The next case that I want to speak on is the HitCase Shield Link. This is the worlds thinnest waterproof case at 10.9mm, however it gives you the same shock seal that you would get from the Pro case, just in a slicker slimmer body. It also comes with a magnetic true Lux lens that you can purchase separately however it does work with the TrueLux lens like the Pro. I favor the SHIELD LINK over the pro simply because it’s better to use and hold in my hand. Where the PRO would frequently catch in my jean pockets, the HITCASE Shield Link feels a lot like the standard waterproof cases that you feel on the market, but MUCH more durable. HITCASE prides themselves on their “Shockseal” screen, which adapts to the phone itself, leaving no air bubbles, thus less chances of water and dirt getting into the HITCASE itself.

HitCase's Fleet Waterproof Cases Got Me Through the Summer

Unlike most of the waterproof cases that I’ve tried that give you lackluster audio when making phone calls. In practice, this specific HITCASE is one of the better cases to take a phone call on Speakerphone as well. It’s also waterproof or 10′ not quite 33′. If you had to go with any of the three cases, this is the one everyone will certainly enjoy. The only caveat with the Shield Link is the same as the PRO model, is there is just not enough room forthird-partyy chargers to plug into the bottom of the phone. But luckily this model also includes wireless charging compatibility, if you’re into that. You can pick up this one in silver black and rose gold and it only cost $89.99.

HitCase's Fleet Waterproof Cases Got Me Through the Summer

Up Next is the CRIO. Now this case to me personally is my every day case as most days I just want to throw in a case and it be super slim, super sleek. The CRIO is that “everyday that you’re NOT by water” case. It’s the simple case that you’d have on your phone to go to everyday that you’re back from vacation, but it’s a bit more durable than the cheap cases you’ve seen that may look similar. Made of TPU with a soft microfiber lens on the inside the CRIO is protective up to 6 feet, it’s compatible with the Magnetic LINK Mounts made by HITCASE, and even work with the TRUELUX Lenses by HITCASE.

HitCase's Fleet Waterproof Cases Got Me Through the Summer

The only issue here is you obviously lose the waterproof protection. In terms of drop protection, you can feel comfortable dropping at waist height, but even then, you might just not want to do that. The CRIO is available in black and black and gray and this is the more cost-effective cases that only has a pric ofe $29.99.

Overall if you were looking for a case that is as compact as it is protective, all the while having premium additional features such as lenses and mounts, you cannot go wrong with HITCASE. You can find out more information by heading over to their site today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I like: All are drop-proof (the Crio is the only one not waterproof), slim/sleek, and comparable to Lifeproof cases (if not better)

What Needs Improvement: The charging port on the Pro and Shield Link won’t work with most third party cables

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