ASP Pro DF Flashlight Brings 500 Lumens of Quality


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Flashlight technology has come a long way; whether you need one in tactical situations, outdoor adventures, or everyday use, the ASP Pro DF ($140) will meet your needs. As hunting season approaches, I plan on using the ASP Pro DF on a regular basis; it comes packed with features and is made with high-quality materials. Let’s take a look. 

ASP prides themselves in bringing law enforcement the tools they need to perform their duties with both tactical products and training opportunities. All of their products are designed and produced to work well in the most intense situations. Their performance lighting line includes products in three levels of use. Every Day Carry, Transitional, and Duty. This provides options for anyone’s needs without losing quality. The products I will focus on are from the transitional line including the Pro DF light, optional charge bank, and Pro TLC clip-on case.

ASP Pro DF Flashlight Brings 500 Lumens of Quality

The Pro DF is a programmable, dual fuel light. Dual Fuel means that the included rechargeable 18650 (producing 500 lumens) or two optional CR123A disposable batteries (producing 610 lumens) can be used to power the light. A secondary lighting level is easily programmable to 15, 60, 150 lumens and also strobe. The charge kit provides a retractable micro-USB cord, car charger, wall charger, and spare battery case. The kit provides everything needed to keep the light powered in any situation.

The light measures 6.25″ with a 1.25″ diameter. It weighs 5.12oz with batteries and I find it to have enough heft to be rugged but also light enough to easily carry. The body sports a satin black hard coat that is both scratch and corrosion proof on top of 6061 T6 high strength aluminum. This thing is built for quality and durability which I could immediately see and feel.

ASP Pro DF Flashlight Brings 500 Lumens of Quality

Charging the light is super easy, simply twist the bezel open to reveal the micro-USB charging port. The light will flash red while charging and turn solid green once the battery is topped off.

ASP Pro DF Flashlight Brings 500 Lumens of Quality

Once the light is charged up and ready to go, it is time to program the light. Twist the bezel open to enter programming mode. Simply toggle through the secondary options and release the button. Twist the bezel back down and the light is programmed. I included the ASP video to show how easy programming is. The end cap includes a three way switch allowing users to set the light to turn on only while pressing, locked off, or click and stay on. The light will always default to the highest setting with one press. To access the second option, double tap the button. It is really simple to program and quickly able to change if need be.

There are several accessories available for the Pro DF light. The Pro TLC ($26) is a tactical light case designed for military, duty, and dress belts as well as MOLLE vests. The case provides protection, transportation, and presentation options. Not only can you carry and protect your light, but it will also become a hands-free illumination tool.

ASP Pro DF Flashlight Brings 500 Lumens of Quality

The light slides in lens first and while is removable, it will not fall out. The case is made of thick plastic and is tough and strong. The clip does not simply slip over a belt but will lock into position meaning the case will stay in place no matter the situation. Rotate the case to 12 positions to achieve the perfect angle or turn the light into a hands-free device. I plan on carrying the light on my hunting pack in this case for protection, but this is a perfect tool for anyone who requires a flashlight on their belt or vest.

ASP Pro DF Flashlight Brings 500 Lumens of Quality

The Multi-Mode Charge Bank ($40) is a compact charging solution that includes multiple uses. The kit comes with an extra 18650 battery and micro-USB cable. To recharge a battery, you insert it into the bank and plug it into a 12v vehicle outlet. The USB port on the side also acts as a charger to directly charge another device or the flashlight. Simply swap the batteries out or charge directly from the bank. You can also use the charge bank to charge the flashlight directly with the battery installed if there is no 12v outlet available. This once again gives the ability to avoid power issues with the Pro DF light.

ASP Pro DF Flashlight Brings 500 Lumens of Quality

I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with all of the products I have had the chance to check out from ASP. The Pro DF flashlight is of the highest quality and the programmable feature makes the light perfect for anyone’s use. These products are made with only the highest quality components available and will take a beating and last a long time. The Pro TLC turns the flashlight into a new tool and is perfect for service carry and protection. I love flashlights and use them quite often while hunting and other outdoor activities, and this light is now my number one carry. It will accompany me every time I head to the woods, and I have no doubt that it will last a long time and perform flawlessly. These are great products.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I like: Rugged, high quality and programmable light with much-needed accessories; I absolutely love these products!

What can be improved: I would like an option to add a lens to make the light red or green



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