Just Mobile TENC Air and Xkin 3D — Total Protection for Your iPhone XS Max

When buying a case and screen protector for your new iPhone, it can be bittersweet. You want a set that will protect your phone, but you can usually say goodbye to seeing the color you selected beyond glimpses around the cutouts. Unless you have the Just Mobile TENC Air and Xkin 3D for iPhone XS Max, that is.

Do you put a lot of thought into which color phone you get when it’s time to do the deed? I used to always try to get the gold or pink rose gold iPhones, and then I ultimately fell for the jet black iPhone 7+. Remember that one? It was beautiful, but because it was always in a case, I never got to really enjoy its shiny black appeal. When I bought the iPhone X, I opted for the silver. I didn’t expect to love its chrome sides with pristine white back, but I did. And once again, I never really saw the whole phone unless I was removing it from a case to wipe down or to do a case review. Each time I would remove the X from its case, I was struck by how pretty it was. When I bought the XS Max, I got one of the last two 256GB models they had at my AT&T store — they were both space gray, a color that hadn’t really ever appealed to me, but I figured color didn’t really matter because it would be covered by a case all the time. Space gray has grown on me, but after receiving the Just Mobile TENC Air, I wish I had been able to get the silver — because now I could actually enjoy the phone’s color while keeping it protected!

As you’ve no doubt read me saying (time and time again), the perfect protection combo in these days of large screened devices is a good case and an edge-to-edge screen protector; that’s exactly what’s offered when you get the TENC Air and Xkin 3D combo.

Just Mobile TENC Air – Slim Bumper Case with Air Cushions for iPhone XS Max

The Just Mobile TENC Air features:

  • Anti-scratch hard shell PC back
  • Shockproof thermoplastic frame
  • Lasting clarity and anti-yellowing over time
  • Corner air cushions for shock absorption
  • Raised corners for back and lens protection
  • Covered buttons and precision sensor cut-outs
  • Wireless charging compatible

See? So pretty.

The case has TPU sides and a hard, clear polycarbonate back; there are built-in shockproof corners to protect your phone from falls, and the case also comes up a bit around the sides to offer face-down protection.

There are soft TPU covers on the volume and power buttons; there are cutouts for the mute switch, bottom microphone, speaker, and an extra-wide cutout for the charging port. The TENC Air works perfectly for wireless charging, too.

The clear TENC Air case will not yellow over time like some less expensive clear cases.

The Just Mobile TENC Air offers plenty of protection for your (in my case) $1250 investment.

The Just Mobile TENC Air – Slim Bumper Case with Air Cushions for iPhone XS Max is available from $29.95 directly from Just Mobile and from Amazon [affiliate link].


Just Mobile Xkin 3D – Edge-to-Edge Screen Protector for iPhone XS Max

Here’s the second part of the perfect protection equation. Sure, the TENC Air offers face-down protection for your phone, but what you really need is an edge-to-edge protector that will absorb the impact and keep your huge glass screen from shattering in a nasty fall, and that’s what the Just Mobile Xkin 3D is here to do.

Why edge-to-edge? Because it eliminates that weird glass edge drop-off some protectors have that occurs just before the sides of your iPhone curve down. It blends into the surface of your screen, so you almost can’t even tell you’ve got a screen protector installed.

Like other high-end edge-to-edge screen protectors (that usually cost closer to $50), the Xkin 3D includes a wet cleaning pad, a fiber cloth, and a mounting template so that you can get the screen protector in place correctly the first time. If you can get your screen wiped down well and follow some simple directions, you’ll get the Xkin 3D mounted perfectly on the first try.

The curved edges of the protector are black, and they blend in beautifully on the sides of your iPhone XS Max.

Here’s a side view of what makes up each Xkin 3D, Its features include:

  • HD clarity Glass with 9H hardness rating
  • Durable naturally smooth sensitive response
  • Oil, water and fingerprint resistant
  • Rounded glass edges for comfort
  • True full-screen coverage including iPhone curve screen
  • Precision laser cutout for sensors

Your phone was meant to be used without fear, but knowing that a single drop can cause unsightly or expensive to repair damage is enough to give anyone considering going “naked” a bit of pause. Spend a little bit extra to protect your expensive device, and then you’ll be able to enjoy it as intended. The Just Mobile TENC Air and Xkin 3D give you a non-bulky, clear, and dare I say beautiful way to safely carry and enjoy whatever color device you ultimately bought.

The Just Mobile Xkin 3D edge-to-edge tempered glass protector is available from $29.95 directly from Just Mobile and from Amazon [affiliate link].

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