Lenovo and AT&T Combine Computers and Connectivity Like Cookies and Milk

Whether your workplace has a return-to-work plan or if you’re going to be rocking working permanently in your PJs from your living room, there’s a strong chance you’re going to be getting more and more work done on the go. The pandemic jump-started the concept of working from anywhere, and that’s not going to end even when it’s safe to go back into the water office. Lenovo and AT&T are looking to make this new work from anywhere in the world smoother and more efficient with a pair of Lenovo laptops connected right to that sweet, sweet AT&T mobile network!

Lenovo and AT&T connected laptops

If you just need a connection, a web browser, and a keyboard, the Lenovo 300e LTE Chromebook is a solid budget pick. It won’t get you 5G, but LTE is still plenty solid and readily available, and for only $419.99 ($11.67/month for 36 months), it’s easy on your wallet.

The Lenovo 300e LTE is a convertible laptop, and that adds a whole new level of flexibility to what you can do, plus it’s built to take a beating with a Gorilla Glass screen. It even has a spill-proof keyboard, so if you’re prone to working around liquids AND are relatively clumsy, Lenovo and AT&T have you covered. If you’re looking for a dead-simple way to stay connected on the go, this should be a top contender.

Maybe you need more power, either from the computer or the internet connection. Then you want to consider the Lenovo ThinkPad X13 5G. Unfortunately, you’re not getting convertibility, but the tradeoff is 512GB of storage, a 13.3″ screen, and 5G connectivity, all under 3 pounds.

5G and Windows 10 Pro means this takes a slightly bigger bite of your wallet at $1,499.99/$41.67 a month for 36 months, but it’s a powerful ThinkPad that can keep you connected just about anywhere. But can you really put a price on being able to Zoom your boss from Hawaii like you’re Connie Britton in “The White Lotus“?

Whether you go Chrome or Windows, AT&T’s offerings will keep you connected, while Lenovo’s offerings will keep you pleased with the hardware. The 300e LTE will be available starting September 28th, with preorders beginning September 10th, and the ThinkPad X13 5G will be available starting September 17th, with preorders starting August 27th.

AT&T customers can add these connected laptops to an existing Unlimited Your Way plan for just $20/mo., or a data-only DataConnect plan. This allows users to easily toggle between cellular data and Wi-Fi– perfect for kids heading back to school who need a connection on the go.

You can check out more details about Lenovo and AT&T-connected laptops here!

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  1. The Gorilla Glass screen and spill-proof keyboard on the Chromebook seem like they’re targeted at parents buying this for their children, though they could certainly be useful for adults as well.

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