Getting (back) into Shape with Aaptiv

So I’ll have to admit, ever since I took my vows and got married back in July, I’ve been slacking off. I’ve told myself I’d get back in the gym and get my fitness on. But personal trainers are expensive. At least they were until I rediscovered Aaptiv.

Aaptiv is one of many fitness apps on the App Store, but it’s one of the few that works completely through audio. There are no video tutorials (to my dismay, but that’s because I’m a fan of visual aids), but Aaptiv makes certain to give you concise yet descriptive methods of doing your workouts with ease. I like to use Sultan as my personal trainer of choice, probably because he’s black, even more because he has the physique that I strive for. Also the fact that in the gym I like hearing hip hop, and his playlist seems to be top-tier levels of fun when it comes to doing things like squats and over the shoulder dumbbell raises.

Getting (back) into Shape with Aaptiv

Having an Apple Watch helps me in a major way too, because now I can leave my iPhone charging in the locker or even near my gym mat and go strictly off of what my watch tells me while connected to my AirPods. The workouts are relatively simple in terms of overall time, some being 5-6 minutes, with the more elaborate and intense being 20+ minutes. Although I wish there was a bit of a schedule behind it, it gets the job done with reminders telling me to get back in the gym if I miss to many days just as a method of keeping me accountable.

Getting (back) into Shape with Aaptiv


Outside of MyFitnessPal to track my calories, I also use Aaptiv to connect to Apple Health to track my workouts, and active energy which makes my workouts a bit more fluid, and don’t cause me to slow down to look at my phone consistently, causing me to take random moments checking my phone, which would make me end up texting friends, or checking the internet. Aaptiv is that sweet spot of knowing what you’re doing in the gym, and learning as you go. Regardless of which trainer you pick it’s fun, the music makes it a bit easier to do your workouts, and you’re accountable for you, your motions, and getting through it. It’s tough, but I know in a few months when it’s time for “Shirt off Summer 2019”… it’s all thanks to Aaptiv.

Currently though, Aaptiv has a motivational 5k program called “5k Your Way” which allows you to choose one of two 5k plans, that are running based, which incorporates both running, and strength training. I started the circuit on Monday and so far it’s been fun. You have the opportunity to set yourself up on a team, or go individually. I personally have no friends who use Aaptiv at this time (but if you want to be my friend let me know in the comments), and we can begin to log in the miles together. What’s more, Aaptiv has partnered with Charity Miles, that with every mile logged on Aaptiv, the organization will donate money to a cause of your choice. Another GREAT addition by Aaptiv.

For more information on Aaptiv you can head to their site today.

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