Incase’s ICON Sling Pack Is a Great Way to Commute with All of Your Things

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As a huge fan of Incase’s ICON backpacks, I’ve always wanted them to release a messenger bag. It looks like my request has been answered as the company has released their ICON Sling Pack. We were sent a unit to review; let’s dive in.

Incase's ICON Sling Pack Is a Great Way to Commute with All of Your Things

Incase’s ICON Sling Pack is what they call an ergonomic and lightweight approach to the typical messenger bags you’ve seen everywhere else; I couldn’t agree more. The bag is phenomenal and functional for my everyday needs. It even includes one thing I’ve requested that Incase add to their ICON Slim bag — a holder for water bottles.

Every day I travel with the same items: two pairs of AirPods, my chest strap for the gym, a battery pack, two pens, a mechanical pencil, my Just Mobile Shuttergrip (because you never know what you’ll see and need to take photos of), my iPad Pro, and my iPhone. I don’t carry much these days, as you can tell, so the large ICON backpack and even the ICON Slim bag are a bit much for me. The ICON Sling Pack hits the sweet spot for an urban commuter.

Incase's ICON Sling Pack Is a Great Way to Commute with All of Your Things

With the ICON Sling Pack, when I get on the train in the morning, I don’t have to take my bag off my back, I can simply slide it around my waist to the front without disturbing anyone sitting near me, and it’s always on my person. What’s more, the bag can fit up to a 15″ MacBook, which I’ve tried to carry occasionally, but I’ve noticed the weight of the laptop is a bit much.

There’s a separate pocket for both laptops and tablets, so if you do end up carrying both daily they won’t be occupying the same compartment.  There are built-in organizers for your pens and pencils, as well as an integrated key holder for the safe storage of your house keys.

Incase's ICON Sling Pack Is a Great Way to Commute with All of Your Things

The crossbody strap of the ICON Sling is made of an abrasion resistant 840D Nylon which is not only soft but won’t tug on the fabrics of your clothes. I’ve had no issues with that happening at all.

Incase's ICON Sling Pack Is a Great Way to Commute with All of Your Things

If there were anything I’d pick to complain about, it would have to be the price. $179.95 is pretty steep for a messenger bag that carries the basic necessities (laptop, phone, keys); I would much rather see this in the $100-120 range, as the additional $50-60 is hard to readily justify. With that said, the bag is well made, feels great to use, and Incase has a solid return policy in place should you get it and decide it’s not your perfect bag. You can get the Incase ICON Sling Pack in the standard blue or navy.

For more information on the Incase ICON Sling Pack, you can head over to Incase’s site today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Comfortable to wear around; Well made with quality materials: Great for commuting

What Needs Improvement: Price

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