Moshi’s ProGeo Series Accessories Make Everything More Efficient

It’s taken a few years, but brands are starting to fully entrench themselves with the wonderful world of fast charging, multi-use products such as USB-C, and 35-watt chargers for multiple devices. But then there’s Moshi’s ProGeo SERIES: A fleet of products that will allow you the user to travel lighter, and charge faster.

There are three different ProGeo products by Moshi that were released: a four-port USB charger, a USB-C and USB-A combined fast charger, and of course, a USB-C laptop charger. I received all three products, and they have proven to be vital to not just my everyday carry but essential to charging up my daily drivers including my Apple Watch, my iPhone XS Max, iPad, AirPods, and MacBook Pro.

On any given day, you can find these all in my gadget bag, but one that gets the most use is my USB-C laptop charger ($74.95). I don’t regularly carry my MacBook around due to the clunkiness of the laptop charger itself.

However with Moshi’s USB-C Laptop charger, it’s not only 20% lighter, and 25% smaller than the Mac charger that Apple gives, but it’s portable enough to fold into my backpack with ease, on top of not taking up valuable outlet space.

The Moshi 4-port USB charger ($39.95) offers up fast charging speeds, which comes in handy especially with my XS Max and my Apple Watch, two devices that I use the most on a day-to-day basis. But where it really shines is my iPad Pro.

I’ve used many multi-port chargers in the past, but the Moshi 4-port Charger somehow charges a tad bit faster than the competition. This is worth its weight in gold, and of course, since it comes in white similar to many Apple accessories, I receive questions on if it can be purchased at Apple. Unfortunately, it cannot, but you can buy it online at Moshi.

Finally, there’s the USB-C to USB-A charger ($44.95). I’m beginning to fully embrace USB-C as a thing, and it seems as if Apple is as well.

For $29.95, you can purchase a USBC to Lightning adapter which promises to charge your devices in half the time. In practice, I can say it holds up to its end of the bargain, although you’ll have to purchase an Apple model since Moshi does not have a certified USBC to Lightning cable currently.

If you travel frequently, however, you can purchase a ProGeo Adapter Pack ($14.95) which allows you to easily change the charge option depending if you live in the US, EU, AU or UK.

For more information on any of the products discussed, you can shop Moshi ProGeo by clicking here.

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