Moshi Can Power and Cover Your New iPad

With the announcement of the new iPads today, plenty of companies are gearing up to release their accessories for the latest Apple flagship tablet. One of those companies is Moshi, and they are announcing two new products for both of the new iPad models.

Moshi Can Power and Cover Your New iPad

The first product is the VersaCover, a case inspired by origami, and the iVisor AG, the company’s patented anti-glare screen protector. With the Versacover, you can uniquely set your iPad at various viewing angles, which is perfect for not just typing and reading but makes watching videos absolutely spectacular. We previously covered the VersaCover for Apple’s iPad Pro back in 2016.

Moshi Can Power and Cover Your New iPad

Next up there’s the iVisor AG, which is easy enough to install and allows you to protect your iPad’s glass screen while reducing the glare you’d get on-screen when looking. I’m hoping they come out with a privacy screen for the iPad models, but in the meantime, the iVisor looks to be a great item that you should invest in to keep your new iPad’s glass screen protected.

If you do plan on purchasing the new Apple Pencil, too (I think that I just might), there will be new Apple Pencil holders made of vegan leather which will be available in the same two colorways as the VersaCover; those include silver and black, both in the same vegan leather.

“Since the very first iPad, Moshi has been designing premium accessories to protect the world’s most popular tablet,” said Spencer Pangborn, Director of Product Marketing at Moshi. “VersaCover is our flagship case and is always a top seller. Our latest range of USB-C charging solutions help people power up both at home and on the road.”

One thing to take into account when it comes to the latest iPads has to be that the product will be coming with USB Type-C rather than Lightning. Do you have plenty of cables and chargers ready?

Moshi Can Power and Cover Your New iPad

Moshi has a fleet of USB-C charging solutions including car and wall chargers that you can purchase today. You should check out the Rewind C, the USB-C Wall charger, and the IonSlim 10k battery pack in particular. For more information on Moshi’s USB-C products, click here.


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