Focal Announces a Collection of Outdoor Loudspeakers

We’re huge fans of Focal here at Gear Diary; we admire the brand’s attention to detail in every one of its products and that they produce audio products that sound great. Focal has just unveiled two new audio products that you’re sure to love.

Focal Announces a Collection of Outdoor Loudspeakers

The two products Focal announced are the 100 OD6 and the 100 OD8 Loudspeakers, two water-resistant speakers that will make sure that regardless of the conditions, you’ll get a remarkable sound to entertain your friends while sitting around the fire pit in the winter or around the pool in the summer. With an IP66 certified rating, you won’t have to worry about a rain shower or snow flurries messing up your groove. Both products are the first Focal products to receive the IP66 rating as well, which can only mean good things.

Both are also extremely reinforced to withstand accidentally being knocked over, thanks to a notched assembly bracket made of anti-rust aluminum that doesn’t look nearly as rugged as it sounds, styling for a very elegant approach that can be positioned both vertically and horizontally depending on how you decide to sit it. Available in black or white, you can find out more information about both models by heading over to Focal today.

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