The HyperDrive Ultimate Brings Back All of the Ports Apple Took Away

When Apple took away the basic necessities MacBook users use every day (including HDMI and USB outlets) opting to switch to USB Type C, many companies benefited from this. Consumers, however, have had to deal with dongle life ever since 2016. But not all dongles and hubs are created equally. Hyper is leading the pack in great USB Type C accessories that you should check out.

The HyperDrive Ultimate Brings Back All of the Ports Apple Took Away

The company sent me their HyperDrive Ultimate USB-C Hub for USB-C Devices, which is an all-in-one solution for your Macbook’s lack of essential ports. We’ve reviewed a few of Hyper‘s accessories before, however what makes this $139.99 11-in-1 USB-C hub special is the fact it’s more portable than the power outlet we’ve reviewed, doesn’t sit attached to the side of your Macbook like the USB-C hubs you’ve seen out there, and more importantly, had every single thing you can imagine including a USB-C with power delivery, VGA, HDMI, Mini Displayport, Gigabit Ethernet, 3 individual USB 3.1 outlets, an SD slot, a MicroSD slot — and just in case the unreleased Macbook’s do not have an audio jack anymore, you’ll get one of those, too.

Unlike most of the hubs I’ve used before, the HyperDrive Ultimate allows me to do everything when I record my podcast, which includes plugging a pair of Yeti Microphones into the hub, plugging my iPhone XS Max in to charge, as well as plugging in an external hard drive to store the audio and edit when we finish the recording.

The HyperDrive Ultimate is built of aluminum, and it feels of good quality. It’s available in Space Gray or Silver, so depending on which color Macbook you have it may be a perfect match. I have the Space Grey and received the silver colorway of the Hyperdrive Ultimate.

When Jess and I travel and I bring my MacBook, now I bring the hub and can connect to hotel TV’s for 4K video quality so we don’t have to strain our eyes watching sports and movies from my Macbook. Being able to connect to a single 4K display at 30Hz  or up to 2x 1080p@60Hz on PCs, if your television is compatible, you’ll get unmatched computer to TV 4K resolution (you’ll have to supply your own cables and cords, of course).

The HyperDrive Ultimate Brings Back All of the Ports Apple Took Away

I use the Hyperdrive Ultimate when I’m on my MacBook; it’s handy for transferring files quickly from hard drive to the computer or more recently combining hard drives to my new Apollo Drive (review coming soon). Transfer speeds are moderate, connectivity to my USB mics works as it should, but more importantly, Hyper has given me what Apple took from me, and that’s all of the ports I need to effectively get things done. If you are like me and want the simple things — like the ability to plug your iPhone into your USB-C laptop to do things like, you know … charge and back-up said device, you should look no further than the HyperDrive Ultimate.

The HyperDrive Ultimate Brings Back All of the Ports Apple Took Away

As an aside, I am planning on putting the HyperDrive Ultimate through its paces with my new iPad Pro when it arrives later this week. I will be testing how it does with:

1. Podcasting
2. Sending/transferring photos via external hard drive/MicroSD
3. Checking transfer speeds for my wedding videos/photos
4. Connectivity as an external device for my MacBook Pro

Stay tuned for more details in an updated review soon.

For more information and details, head over to HYPER today

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Every possible port you can possibly need in a portable device companion to your laptop.

What Needs Improvement: Pricey

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  1. How does this works with the new iPad Pro? i am consider getting this Hyperdrive Ultimate instead of the Hyperdrive for iPadPro.

    • Hey Carlos, I haven’t used for the iPad Pro (due to it lacking a headphone jack), but I will test this weekend to see if this is possible.

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