Gourmia Wants to Make Sure Your Kitchen Has the Latest Appliances

Taking to CES in Vegas this year is Gourmia, one of my personal favorite kitchen accessory brands on the market. They’ve always made outstanding products to make maneuvering around your kitchen a bit easier from their countertop ovens, their coffee makers, and even their awesome Sous Vide products.

So it should come to no surprise they have three recently announced products that you may need to make countertop space for.

Gourmia Wants to Make Sure Your Kitchen Has the Latest Appliances

The first of the three is Gourmia’s GAF678 Digital Air Fryer. An all-in-one seven-quart air fryer that doubles as a rotisserie as well as a dehydrator, the GAF678 Air Fryer will allow you to eat healthier as it air fries, heats, roasts, and rehydrates your foods without all of the additional fats and calories that you’d have to add with cooking oils. Being able to cook without oil is great now thanks to the air fryer coming with not one but ten preset cooking modes, a glass viewing window so you don’t have to continuously open the chamber to view progress on your meal, but there’s new RadiVection 360-degree technology that will heat up your food and cook it 30 percent faster than your standard oven.

Next, there’s the GWC695 11-in-1 Deluxe MultiCooker by Gourmia. Complete with a large 6.5 quart one pot does-all, the multicooker can do everything from make your mom’s favorite chili, roast a chicken, sous vide that ribeye, make yogurt, or even brown those meatballs you’ve been craving since the holiday party at work. With eleven cook modes and a removable non-stick pot that’s dishwasher safe, you no longer have to worry about cleaning multiple dishes every other night just to make a hearty meal.

Gourmia Wants to Make Sure Your Kitchen Has the Latest Appliances

Finally, for the coffee drinkers out there, there’s the GCMW4750 Coffee Maker and Grinder. Made for lovers of coffee who hate walking to the nearest shop for a fresh brew, the GCMW4750 features a built-in grinder so you can grind your own beans for a full and fresh cup every single time. With a programmable timer and a 10-cup capacity, this may be the gift that continues to give for you and a loved one all of 2019.

What’s more, all three of these Gourmia products will be a part of the company’s new mobile kitchen app “Mia”, which will allow you to control any of the appliances from the comfort of your bed, couch or on the go if you’re in a rush. Did I fail to mention that all of the appliances are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa? Now you can remotely change cooking modes, check temperatures, find recipe ideas and even get alerts when your food is ready. Gourmia is making huge strides in 2019, and with these integrations, they should be on your radar of products to check out.

For more information on the newly released Gourmia appliances, you can head over to Gourmia today.

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