Sensoria and Optima Molliter Take on Diabetes Foot Complications with a Sensor-Laden SBi Motus Smart Boot

Sensoria and Optima Molliter Take on Diabetes Foot Complications with a Sensor-Laden SBi Motus Smart Boot

We have seen all sorts of fitness devices get outfitted with sensors that tell you how hard your heart is beating, how fast your foot cadence is, and whether you’ve been sitting for too long. This kind of monitoring is making its way to the medical field as well, and Sensoria+Optima Molliter is taking that concept to diabetic foot ulcers.

Diabetes can impact circulation, and that can have a drastic and dangerous effect on foot health. The Optima Molliter SBi Motus Smart Boot is designed with Sensoria sensors to allow patients and doctors to better monitor foot movement and recovery. Basically, this makes it easier to heal from diabetes-related ulcers on a patient’s feet, plus because medical professionals can see and monitor the information, there is more accountability and compliance. The biggest hurdle in treatment is often getting people to continue their treatment, and if their doctor can reach out and discuss results outside of a regular appointment this can make a huge positive difference.

There’s no word on cost, or whether this will be something sold in stores or provided by insurers and medical practices, but it’s a very cool innovation. CES agrees, as they names the SBi Motus a “CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Wearable Technologies”. It would be nice if no one needed this, but it’s nice to see technology being used to further improve people’s lives, not just power yet another fitness tracker!

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