The Tablo Quad: Discover, Record, and Stream up to Four Live Antenna TV Channels Simultaneously

If you’ve been inquiring about cutting the cord, Nuvyyo, creators of the Tablo OTA DVR announces the next generation of their Tablo series with the Tablo QUAD; I think it will be a huge hit.

The Tablo QUAD is a four-tuner over the air DVR solution that will support up to 166 days of HDTV recordings. With the Tablo, you as the user can discover, record, and stream up to four live antenna TV channels simultaneously. I’ve personally been looking for a solution to recording multiple shows at once, but have yet to find an adequate one, but now with the QUAD, we all can now finally have a DVR experience for the entire home.

This is great for families who have problems with most companies allowing you to only record a single show at a time, with most not allowing you to stream as you watch. Expected to be available later this quarter, the QUAD by Tablo will only set you back $199.99 US.

Courtesy of Tablo, here are some other features you’ll want to know about.

Tablo QUAD Features:

• Recording Storage Options: Tablo QUAD works with either external USB hard drives, or internal SATA drives up to 8 TB so you can store up to 4000 hours or 166 straight days of HDTV content from any Over-the-Air TV antenna.

• Clutter-Free Design: With a new 2.5-inch internal SATA drive connection option, Tablo QUAD gives cord cutters a clutter-free, aesthetically pleasing, recording storage choice.

• Upgraded Connectivity: Enjoy fast network connectivity via 802.11ac WiFi and Gigabit Ethernet.

• Platform-Friendly Apps: Tablo QUAD is powered by the full range of Tablo apps, making it easy for cord cutters to watch, pause, and record network broadcast TV programs on:

• Streaming media devices: Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast

• Smart TVs: Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Samsung TIZEN, and LG WebOS 2.0+

• iOS/Android smartphones and tablets

• PC/MAC computers

• Gaming systems: Xbox One and NVIDIA SHIELD TV

• Commercial Skip (Beta): Automatic commercial skip makes it easy to play back most recordings from Tablo OTA DVRs without any commercial interruptions, eliminating manual fast-forwarding. Unlike other offerings which rely on intensive computing power or humans to identify commercial breaks, Tablo uses a cloud-based hybrid of digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms and machine learning to deliver more accurate results. The feature will be available via an open beta to all Tablo OTA DVR owners with an active guide subscription.

• Optional Tablo Guide Data Service: The Tablo QUAD includes a free 30-day trial of the Tablo TV guide data service. This feature provides episode and series synopses, cover art, and metadata for programs airing over the next two weeks, as well as access to advanced DVR features like one-touch series recording and out-of-home streaming via Tablo Connect. Customers can choose from service options starting at $4.99 USD/$5.99 CAD monthly, $49.99 USD/$59.99 CAD annually, or a one-time payment of $149.99 USD/$179.99 CAD for lifetime service.

For more information on the Tablo QUAD, you can head over to their site.

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