Enjoy a Personalized THC Vape Experience with the Pax Era Pro

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Marijuana is slowly becoming legal in more states than ever, and with that comes both regulation and increased technological improvements. Pax is at the forefront of figuring out how to navigate both sides of that coin, and they’re nailing it with the new Pax Era Pro!

Enjoy a Personalized THC Vape Experience with the Pax Era Pro

If you’re unfamiliar with PAX, they are a company that solely focuses on vaping THC products. They have devices for both flower and pods, and the Era Pro is their newest pod device. They have worked to make every aspect of the experience as customizable to the user as possible from temperature to time to dose control. Even better, their newest pods include integration with their Android app that lets you learn about what’s in the pod, as well as information on the origin of the THC.

Remember, the issues in vaping that caused so many lung injuries were from black market vape cartridges that contained substances that really should not have been inhaled. The PaxSmart pods are the opposite — they’ll provide significant detail so you know everything possible about what you’re enjoying. It gives peace of mind as well as allows you to better determine what strains and distributors you might enjoy.

Enjoy a Personalized THC Vape Experience with the Pax Era Pro

Unfortunately, for right now their iOS app has been removed from the App Store due to vaping crackdowns, but if you have an Android device you can still enjoy the extra features connectivity offers you. Even without the app, you can set temperature control easily right on the device, and again, with the newest pods, the device remembers your per-pod settings. And if you’ve got a huge stash of older Pax pods, that’s not an issue, as the Era Pro is backward compatible, just without the extra connected features. If you live in a state where it is legal for you to possess and enjoy THC, be sure to consider the Pax Era Pro, coming in multiple colors for only $69.99.

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