Soul Electronics Releases the Blade, Their First Truly Wireless Earbuds

Soul Electronics Releases the Blade, Their First Truly Wireless Earbuds

SOUL Electronics has announced the BLADE, their first ever truly wireless headphones that come complete with a built-in heart rate monitor.

Since last year, SOUL has created some truly groundbreaking products in the sports tech and audio market with their popular headphones, but this year they are making strides by giving consumers the BLADE, which come complete with a heart rate monitor and real-time voice coaching. These are a perfect set of headphones for athletes (or just audio lovers) who want to ditch the cords and cables, allowing them to maximixe their performance to reach personal goals in the New Year. Now you can closely monitor your heart rate directly from your smartphone paired to the earbuds. The real-time AI coach included with the SOUL BLADE can help runners figure out their cadence, symmetry, step length and balance. I know I’m personally excited to go on runs knowing I’ll get an accurate beat on my heart rate without having to wear an annoying heart rate monitor on my chest.

“When you consider all of the incredibly advanced technology that we were able to incorporate into BLADE’s tiny, lightweight design, you realize that it’s an essential product for anyone who’s looking to improve their fitness routine,” says Angus Tsang, vice president of engineering, SOUL Electronics. “By taking the A.I. BiomechEngine™ technology we used in RUN FREE PRO BIO, which allows runners to access personalized, instantaneous data like never before, and combining it with a heart rate sensor in a true wireless design that can fit in the palm of your hand, SOUL is once again showing the world that we’re at the forefront of driving sports innovation in the consumer audio space.”

Debuting on IndieGogo, the company hopes to raise a million dollars through March 4th, with orders to ship soon thereafter. For more information on Soul’s BLADE, you can check out their site at or the IndieGogo link directly.

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