Scosche Full HD Dash Cam Powered by Nexar: Crowdsource Your Drive Home for Everyone’s Safety

This year at CES, Scosche has already put the world on notice that they will have a special announcement every day for CES, with something that will help your everyday lives. Today, Scosche is announcing its Full HD Dash Cam Powered by Nexar.

Partnering with Nexar, Scosche plans on making every vehicle become more connected, giving the driver more information on the road to not only help them drive more safely on highways but in the city as well. The Full HD Dash Cam has a lot of features you’ll love, including the ability to record your drives and important vehicular events to the Nexar Cloud. In the event something dangerous, such as an accident should happen, a detailed insurance report of exactly what happened can be generated for your participating insurance company.

When connected to the Scosche Dash Cam, the app runs in the background, so the smartphone can be used for other purposes. The camera begins recording automatically when you start to drive and stops when you do. It features a capacitive-touch “event” button to mark significant events and footage. The app also utilizes sensors in the phone and the camera’s 3-Axis accelerometer to detect and record accidents.

I personally look forward to testing this out when it becomes available in the spring. If you would like more information about the Full HD Dash Cam, head over to

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