Zagg Wants to Protect Your iPad Pro with It’s New Case Lineup

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After making a huge investment on a tablet such as the iPad Pro, chances are you need a protective case for it. Initially, when the tablet was released, there were many cases that simply put did not protect it or the new magnetic Apple Pencil. Luckily Zagg has not one, but three options you might be interested in.

Zagg took to CES this week to announce the all-new Slim Book Go, Rugged Book Go, and Messenger Folio keyboards for both the 11” & 12.9” iPad Pro as well as the 9.7” iPad. Each of the keyboard cases is designed to be lightweight, yet protective, all the while giving functionalities that even Apple didn’t include in their own including laptop-style keys, and backlighting which is a necessity to many.

Zagg Wants to Protect Your iPad Pro with It’s New Case Lineup

Zagg’s Slim Book Go is detachable, lightweight and easy to travel to work, home, or even that flight out of town with. This makes working in different environments a breeze, and for those moments you aren’t working, you can remove the keyboard completely to watch a film. The prices for the Zagg Slim Book Go are: $99.99 – 9.7” iPad & 11” iPad Pro // $129.99 – 12.9” iPad Pro

Zagg Wants to Protect Your iPad Pro with It’s New Case Lineup

The Rugged Book Go also comes with a removable keyboard but can protect from a 6-foot drop. This may be the one I personally go with, especially since it not only protects your iPad Pro, but it has a nice casing for the Apple Pencil. The Rugged Book Go is currently available for the 11-inch iPad Pro and it is $149.99

Zagg Wants to Protect Your iPad Pro with It’s New Case Lineup

Finally, there’s the Messenger Folio, the more stylish of the three, boasting a fabric cover, that’s more of your everyday tablet cover that you’d see someone sitting in Starbucks using, all the while being protective. The Messenger Folio by Zagg is even more affordable, only costing $69.99.

For More information on each of the cases, head over to Zagg.

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