Shokz OpenSwim Pro Bone Conduction Headphones Look Like the Perfect Way to Listen to Music While Swimming Laps

I’m a huge fan of Shokz products. I use their OpenComm 2 bone conduction headphones for calls and video chats at the office and some of the brand’s other bone conduction headphones at home. The company just announced a new Shokz OpenSwim Pro, and I can’t wait to try them when we open our pool in the spring.

Shokz OpenSwim Pro

The Shokz OpenSwim Pro is the company’s newest IP68 swimming waterproof bone-conduction sport headphones. It has Bluetooth for streaming audio, and it also has MP3 listening capabilities with onboard storage for swimming.

The MP3 functionality is key for swimming since submerging your head even a bit results in losing Bluetooth connectivity.

The Shokz OpenSwim Pro has the company’s 8th-generation bone conduction technology. A huge advance in the audio quality over previous models, it delivers high-quality sound through your cheekbone while you swim/work out.

Shokz OpenSwim Pro has a battery that lasts up to 9 hours. It also has a quick charge feature that offers up to 90 minutes of playback with just 5 minutes of charging. That means you’ll never get ready for a swim and discover you can’t enjoy your music. That’s especially important if, like me, you find swimming laps incredibly boring without music.

Shokz OpenSwim Pro

With Bluetooth v5.3, the Shokz OpenSwim Pro offers advanced multipoint connectivity. That makes them ideal for walks, runs, or even bike riding. Add in Shokz’s PremiumPitch 2.0+, and you will be shocked at the headphone’s ability to deliver clear sound, powerful volume, and a rich bass.

For added flexibility, they offer three EQ modes – swimming mode, vocal booster mode, and standard mode. The Shokz OpenSwim Pro is even good for calls thanks to two mics and noise and echo cancellation.

Man swimming while wearing Shokz OpenSwim Pro

When it’s time to swim, you can put Shokz OpenSwim Pro in MP3 mode and listen to the tunes you previously loaded onto the device. With an IP68 rating, the Shokz OpenSwim Pro can be fully submerged in two meters of water for up to two hours.

I’ve tried various solutions, and the MP3-only Shokz product I’ve been using for the past few years has been the only reliable way to listen to music while I swim.

As Vincent Xiong, Chief Executive Officer at Shokz, explains,

Swimmers love OpenSwim but our most requested feature was the ability to utilize Bluetooth out of the water so they could stream their favorite audio when not in the pool. We couldn’t be prouder to bring Shokz’s recognizable open-ear sound to our most versatile headphone yet, OpenSwim Pro. With both Bluetooth and MP3 capabilities, OpenSwim Pro unlocks an athlete’s full potential and is built to be comfortable, safe and secure in any situation.

Shokz OpenSwim Pro features include:

  • IP68 waterproof rating provides swimmers with up to two hours of use under two meters of water.
  • Bluetooth & MP3 capability allows fitness enthusiasts to use OpenSwim Pro anytime, anywhere.
  • Shokz’s signature open-ear design enhances situational awareness and connection in all environments.
  • An ergonomic build ensures all-day comfort and a secure fit that remains in place during strenuous exercise.
  • Equipped with  PremiumPitchTM 2.0+, that allows for clear sound, powerful volume, and a rich bass.
  • A 9-hour battery life and quick charge feature ensure users never have to endure a workout without their music.
  • The playlist opportunities are endless thanks to 32GB of MP3 memory, allowing users to store up to 8,000 songs.
  • It has two mics that allow noise and echo cancellation, providing clear calls.
  • Listeners can get a more personalized listening experience by using the Shokz App to select their favorite EQ settings, including standard mode, vocalize booster mode, and swimming mode.

The Shokz OpenSwim Pro is expected later this year. You can learn more here.

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