NOX Audio Specialist Headphones Works For Gamers and Office Workers

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NOX Audio Specialist Headphones Works For Gamers and Office Workers

I found almost the perfect headset for both gamers and office workers. What am I talking about? The NOX Audio Specialist headphones that’s what! Let’s go over the basics.

First, the NOX Audio headphones comes in a great case that has some structure to it. This is great for those who just want to protect their headphones while they are in their backpack.

NOX Audio Specialist Headphones Works For Gamers and Office Workers

Opening the case reveals the headphones themselves. They fold so they can fit in the case and the cable itself is detachable and can be secured in the case.

The cable looks like a microusb on one end, and a standard mobile headset on the other. In fact, it can work with your iPhone or any phone that takes a 3.5 mm jack. There is an adapter for splitting the audio out and microphone so you can connect it to your laptop for Skype calls.

NOX Audio Specialist Headphones Works For Gamers and Office Workers

How do you use these headphones for Skype calls? Simply extend the headphone from the left ear cup by pulling the microphone out. When you are done, you just use the dial on the left ear cup to crank it back in.

NOX Audio Specialist Headphones Works For Gamers and Office Workers

The right ear cup has both the connection for the headphones and a built in volume control. There is also a mic switch so you can shut the mic off when it’s not in use or to mute the mic while you are in a conference call.

If you want to use the headphones with your Xbox 360 or PS3, you will need to buy the Negotiator adapter. This gets you a optical connection to your Xbox, PS3 or PC and it also let’s you mix game audio with chat audio during your game. I was not set a Negotiator so I have no idea how it works. I am not much of a gamer, but I can see how these headphones combined with the Negotiator can be really handy. The headset should work well for Teamspeak chat and games like Call of Duty: Mondern Warfare 2.

The headphones are really comfortable. I wore them for extended periods over the holiday weekend while listening to podcasts and music and they were quite comfortable. The soft fabric on the ear cups is very comfortable and this same fabric is on the middle portion of the headband. No uncomfortable plastic band digging into your skull as you work while listening is good. The only situation I wouldn’t want to use these for is when working out or running. They would just slide all around your head with all of the vibration. Not something you want when your on a treadmill!

Sound quality on these is excellent. Good bass response when listening to music and the microphone sounds pretty good too. Just listen to this sample. It’s not the best set of headphones or the best microphone, but it’s more than sufficient for what I use

The NOX Audio Specialist is available on for $79.99.  The Negotiator is not out yet but is coming soon, but it will be only $19.99 extra for a limited time when purchased with a Specialist; in the gamer package you are getting both the headphones and the Negotiatior for around $100.  Not too bad for such a versatile set of headphones.

What I liked: Comfortable headset with a microphone that stays out of the way until you need it.

What I didn’t care for: They should just include the Negotiator with the headphones for your $79.99.

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