Autowit’s Air Purifier Is Great for Your Car or Office

There’s nothing like a nice clean, breathable environment, and not just in your home. The Autowit Fresh Car Air Purifier is a product that promises to rid the air of tiny particles that might be in your car or office.

Autowit’s Air Purifier Is Great for Your Car or Office

I’ve had the opportunity to check out the Autowit Fresh, and over the course of the past two months, it’s been a delight to use. Now I’m sure you’re wondering if having an air purifier in your car is counterproductive since you can filter your own air in your car, but hear me out. Autowit Fresh’s premise is super simple and makes a lot of sense. Created to be the perfect size to place in the cup holder of your car, the Autowit Fresh features three stages of air filtration that will filter and remove toxic chemicals and pollutants in your vehicle or wherever you place it.

Autowit’s Air Purifier Is Great for Your Car or Office

Using HEPA, the Fresh by Autowit will automatically detect the current status or the environment that it’s in and notify you by color: Green means that the air quality is good, with Yellow meaning acceptable and Red needing to be fixed. It can capture allergy triggers, odors, smoke in the air; and neutralize airborne bacteria, mold, and fungi according to the website, and with three mode settings, you can easily enjoy fresh air in your favorite coffee shop if you wanted to due to its quiet nature and portable footprint. It’s suggested for smaller office spaces and rooms, but I work in an open space and it has been a delight to use.

More Features of the Autowit Fresh:

  • Multilayer Filter: Effectively removes PM2.5, pollen, smoke, dust, floccus, formaldehyde, unpleasant odors and more.

  • Powerful Ionizer: Produces up to 8 million negative ions PCS/cm, offering you fresh air all the time.

  • Auto Detect:Automatically detects and indicates the air quality around via different colors of the LED Indicator Light.

  • Noise-Free: Silent Mode sanitizes the air for easy breathing and more restful sleep with a noise level at just 35dB.

  • High Quality: Aroma pads allowed, strong motor, well-designed aerodynamic fan, and numerous CNC air inlet venting holes.

Autowit’s Air Purifier Is Great for Your Car or Office

There’s an included Micro USB cable that you can connect to any computer or USB socket as I do so it will always have power. Sometimes when I drive into work, I’ll charge it throughout the week, and then on the ride home I’ll grab it to place in the car so I have clean air in my vehicle. But honestly, it’s a better fit for me in my office where there are more odd odors and unidentifiable toxins.

Autowit’s Air Purifier Is Great for Your Car or Office

Overall, I really enjoy the Autowit Fresh, mostly for its compact size but certainly, for the effort, it takes to keep my area’s air clean.

If you’d like to find out more information about the Autowit Fresh, you can head over to the company’s site today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Optional ability to use oils; Great for home or office

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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