Stealth Labs Puts a Backpack on Top of Your Speakers

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Stealth Labs Puts a Backpack on Top of Your Speakers Listen to this article

Consolidation has always been all the rage in the tech industry. Why carry many things when you carry one that does it all? In this vein, Stealth Labs is launching a speaker backpack that they claim doesn’t compromise on either the backpack or the speaker part of the equation.

Stealth Labs Puts a Backpack on Top of Your Speakers

The idea is quite simple, we all spend time listening to music while on the go and sharing music with others isn’t the best experience using your mobile device’s speakers. Sure you could carry a Bluetooth speaker but that’s yet another thing to remember to carry and remember not to forget. Also what about if you want to charge your phone on the go, that’s yet another battery pack to carry. Hence the speaker backpack segment is born and this specific one has the following stats:

  • Bluetooth-enabled dual 5-watt speakers w/ built-in battery; lasts 5 hours per charge
  • 5,000mAh battery can also charge your mobile devices; cables included
  • Anti-theft interior compartments safeguard your valuables
  • Built-in sleeve to hold a 15″ laptop, can hold 12L of cargo total. 5 lbs total weight w/ speakers

Stealth Labs Puts a Backpack on Top of Your Speakers

The differentiation is Stealth Labs claims that this speaker backpack doesn’t sacrifice on either the sound or the storage space needed to carry your life around in. For example, a 15-inch laptop to use to power the built-in speakers for an impromptu party and even your DJ outfit so you look the part when you’re playing tunes for your friends.

Stealth Labs Puts a Backpack on Top of Your Speakers

The other thing that should not be overlooked here is that it has a 5,000mAh battery which means you can use it to charge your mobile devices on the go as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if people used the charging ability more often than the speakers given how much phone battery anxiety exists these days. Just keep in mind that if you use the battery to charge your device, you’re using up the same battery that would power the built-in speakers.

The speaker backpack by Stealth Labs is launching today on Indiegogo, starting at $119 for the VIP launch day special.


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