Moshi Urbana Briefcase Review; Keep the Business Style Without Looking Boring!

I’m fairly lucky with what I need to carry to work; most days it’s just a tablet, bluetooth keyboard, wallet, keys and lunch. Nothing too fancy. When you throw a computer or more peripherals in the mix, though, you need a bigger bag. Moshi Urbana Briefcase insures you can still lug all your stuff without looking boring!


The Urbana is definitely not your typical boring computer bag. It comes in a slew of colors, and our review sample came in Tuscan Yellow. It’s bright without being fluorescent or neon looking, and if your wardrobe consists mostly of neutrals like mine does it should go with everything. I should note that my toddler was extremely taken with the color, and attempted to cuddle with the bag when I unboxed it, so it really is quite the welcoming feel. It is made from a waterproof fabric material, with polyurethane leather accents on the zippers, handles, and strap. The interior is a light beige, making it easy to locate items even at the very bottom, and there’s plenty of small pockets and padded areas for a tablet, computer, charger, mouse, wallet, keys, and other important items with room to spare. You can carry it by the handles or use the shoulder strap.

The shoulder strap is one of the best parts of the bag; Moshi calls it a ViscoStrap, and it’s designed with elastic fabric at each end and a sliding pad for your shoulder. Basically, whether the bag is empty or loaded to the gills, the strap helps keep it comfortable; the padding obviously helps, and the elastic helps absorb the weight before it starts digging into your shoulders.


As I said, I don’t generally carry a ton of stuff, but I wanted to see how much the Urbana Briefcase could truly hold. So I was forced to get a bit creative. I stuffed the Urbana with a laptop, a tablet, a paper notebook and a few of my son’s stuffed animals (for maximum stuffed feeling in the briefcase). Daniel Tiger didn’t seem to object to being forced into the Urbana, and he’s a singing toy that I swear triggers at everything (and you’ve never lived dangerously until you’ve sat on the couch in the dark and heard “IT’S DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD THE LAND OF MAKE BELIEVE” come blaring out at you). The point of all that isn’t just to make you laugh, but to point out that Daniel was cocooned enough in the Urbana that he didn’t spontaneously break into song, which means he was fairly well protected. That speaks highly of how padded and organized the interior is. I have no good explanation for the stuffed bunny sneaking into this experience, except that it was cute.



Around the outside of the Urbana are a few exterior pockets, perfect for quick draw items. The larger of the two pockets has some smaller organizing sections sewn in there, so it’s perfect for business cards, your wallet, pens, etc. All the zippers are smooth and easy to use, and the whole package is very well crafted. The design is innocuous enough to blend in, but has little touches of style with its bright colors and stylish accents. It doesn’t make a fashion statement, except maybe to indicate that it’s here for business but still wants to look good.

And honestly, that’s what you want in a briefcase. It should be a bag that reflects your overall style without calling extreme attention to itself or being so boring as to scream “generic”, and the Moshi Urbana Briefcase manages to strike that balance quite well. The fact that it’s well crafted and affordable at $149 means it should be tops on anyone’s list if you’re looking to break out of the idea that business=boring.


Source: Manufacturer provided review sample

What I Liked: Strap is quite comfortable; fits a great deal of gear; lots of padded sections; can handle a 15″ laptop and a tablet with ease; looks professional but not drab

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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