Pieces of the Galaxy Is a Gorgeous, Innovative Set of Puzzles on Kickstarter


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Pieces of the Galaxy Is a Gorgeous, Innovative Set of Puzzles on Kickstarter Listen to this article

Pieces of the Galaxy by HelloFish Creative Studios is a set of impressive puzzles where no two pieces are alike. These challenging puzzles are meant to de-stress and delight with high quality craftsmanship while building the planets in our solar system. These unique puzzles are now available for pre-order on Kickstarter with an estimated delivery date of January 2020.

Pieces of the Galaxy Is a Gorgeous, Innovative Set of Puzzles on Kickstarter

Pricing for the Pieces of the Galaxy puzzles start at $29 for small puzzles like the Moon, $49 for medium planets like the Earth, Mars, Venus, and Mercury, and $85 for large planets like Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune, and $119 for the largest puzzle of them all, the Sun. There are a number of sets available, including all four medium planets for $289, the Moon, Earth, and Sun for $169, and all planets for $549. The “All In” package includes the entire galaxy, plus a mystery planet and display stands for all 11 planets for $599.

Check out this early review of the Pieces of the Galaxy puzzles:


These are the most unique puzzles you’ll ever get your hands on. Each puzzle piece is related to the planet, so the Earth includes mammals and plants, Mars includes pieces related to masculinity, and Neptune has water-themed pieces. The gorgeous artwork is printed directly onto the wood and acrylic pieces, meaning that they are waterproof, resistant to humidity, and the edges won’t get frayed.

Pieces of the Galaxy Is a Gorgeous, Innovative Set of Puzzles on Kickstarter

The artwork is printed at 1200 DPI (dots per inch) compared to standard puzzles, which are printed at 150-200 DPI. That’s like comparing an old standard definition television to 4K HDTV. These pieces are laser cut using a special carbon dioxide laser, which means the pieces fit together perfectly with no frayed or scruffy edges. It’s a process that takes 900x more time to cut compared to the traditional method to ensure an extremely high-quality product.

HelloFish Creative Studios has included some free accessories with each puzzle, including a “picker pen” that helps you pick out tightly slotted pieces with ease. They’ve also included a building board that will help guide your construction as well as help you move your puzzle while it’s still a work-in-progress. Plus, there are also some add-ons available for purchase, including clear display stands, which allow you to show off all of the details of your puzzle, including the see-through acrylic detail pieces.

Pieces of the Galaxy Is a Gorgeous, Innovative Set of Puzzles on Kickstarter

If you’re into puzzles, you need to check out these gorgeous, challenging puzzles. HelloFish Creative Studios has raised the bar when it comes to puzzles and I can’t wait to see where the world of puzzles go from here. Check out Pieces of the Galaxy on Kickstarter, now!

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