Apple Updates the Retina MacBook Air, Lowering the Price & Adding Much Desired Features

Apple’s been working hard at giving users who want a quality MacBook better upgrades, tangible new features, and better specs with a more upfront product line; starting today the price furthers that mission by updating the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro.

Apple Updates the Retina MacBook Air, Lowering the Price & Adding Much Desired Features

Starting today you can purchase a MacBook Air that checks all of the boxes, including a Retina display, a force touch trackpad, Thunderbolt 3 and most important — True Tone for a more natural viewing experience. What’s more is the fact that the price is being lowered to accommodate both regular consumers ($1099) and students ($999), making the MacBook Air not only even more affordable but giving users portability, without compromising on usability. In addition to that, the MacBook Pro has been updated with the latest 8th-generation quad-core processors, making it even more powerful that than it previously was — coming complete with features like Touch Bar and Touch ID, a True Tone Retina display and Apple’s own T2 Security Chip.

Apple Updates the Retina MacBook Air, Lowering the Price & Adding Much Desired Features

The Entry-Level model of the MacBook Pro starts at $1299, but will only cost $1199 if you are a student; it will feature a 1.4GHz Intel 8th-gen processor, 8GB of RAM and 128GB SSD. I know as a user of the 15″ MacBook Pro, I may have to consider a 13″ just for traveling purposes.

The result of Apple creating a much-needed update to the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro does mean, however, that some models will no longer be seen as the company has officially stopped selling the 12-inch, fan-less MacBook and MacBook Air. From a marketing aspect, this makes complete sense as it seems Apple wants the Touch Bar to essentially be the differentiator between the Air, and the Pro. I personally feel as though this is a great method for Apple to makes things a bit more simple for users trying to justify which models they will ultimately purchase.

“College students love the Mac — it’s the notebook they rely on from the dorm room to the classroom, and the No. 1 choice among higher education students,” said Tom Boger, Apple’s senior director of Mac Product Marketing. “With a lower RRP AU$1,549 inc. GST university student price for MacBook Air and the updated 13-inch MacBook Pro with faster performance, Touch Bar and Touch ID at RRP AU$1,849 inc. GST for university students, there’s never been a better time to bring a Mac to college.”

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