Dell Brings Recycling and Refreshed Lineups to Their Computers

It feels like we’re slowly emerging into a sense of new normal, with the opportunity to get out and emerge into the world again finally. And like the flowers blooming, and the weather getting warmer…new Dell and Alienware computers are also springing into life!

Dell Brings Recycling and Refreshed Lineups to Their Computers

Alienware: The Alienware m15 R6 and Dell G15 gaming systems are getting new 11th Gen Intel Core H-Series mobile processors and new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 GPUs, offering a ton of power alongside Dell’s build quality and reliability.

Alienware m15 R6 will start at $1,299.99, while the G15 will start at $949.99.

Dell also hinted at something big coming with the Alienware X Series, but we’ll have to wait until June to find out more. What we do know is that these will feature proprietary thermal technologies that will make these computers the thinnest gaming computers yet!

Dell Brings Recycling and Refreshed Lineups to Their Computers

Dell XPS 17 9000 Series (Model 9710)

XPS Series: If there’s one computer that has defined Dell in the last several years, it’s the XPS. Now, in addition to 11th Gen Intel Core processors and InfiniteEdge screens, the XPS 15 will be rocking an OLED option for an even sharper color experience. They’ll also have NVIDIA RTX graphics so the computing power can keep up with the screens!

XPS 15 will start at $1,199.99, while XPS 17 will start at $1,399.99. In addition, both XPS devices are EPEAT Gold Certified, meaning they’ve met specific environmentally friendly criteria.

Dell Brings Recycling and Refreshed Lineups to Their Computers

Precision Series: All work and no play is bad, but you do need to get some work done. Precision 5560 and 5760 will have 11th Gen Intel Core processors and NVIDIA RTX graphics, but if you really want to take things to the stratospheric level, look to the Precision 7000 series. These will have NVIDIA RTX A5000 graphics GPU, which, in English, means that they can handle 3D renderings and 8K HDR video editing.

As if that’s not enough, Dell says these will also have optional 5G so that you can work from almost anywhere. Just in time for your office to reopen!

Precision Series comes in multiple versions; most of the versions have pricing that is not yet announced, but Precision 3450 will start at $1,119 while Precision 3650 will start at $1,299.

Dell Brings Recycling and Refreshed Lineups to Their Computers

Latitude Series: The new Latitude 5421 and 5521 offer more than just a solid laptop experience now; they’ll also offer the knowledge that your new computer is 21% bioplastic!

Dell has a number of what they call “moonshot” goals, which are designed to improve sustainability in a tremendous number of areas, and adding bioplastics made with Tall Oil is a huge leap forward.

Both the 5421 and 5521 will start at $1,449, but the side of joy knowing you helped the environment even a little bit is free.

Dell Brings Recycling and Refreshed Lineups to Their Computers

Optiplex Series: No shame in being a desktop fan! There’s a slew of options for you, all with up to Intel 11th gen core processors and even the power to drive immersive VR experiences. There’s an Optiplex all in one, as well as small form factor towers and even micro towers!

Plus, the Optiplex 7090 and 7090 Small Form Factor will feature recycled aluminum in the hard drives — so if you’ve sent anything to Dell for recycling, it might just be part of the new Optiplex line.

Pricing and availability are still to be determined for the full line, but we do know that the 7090 Micro Tower will start at $526.91, the 7090 Small Form Factor starts at $517.47, and the 7090 Micro Form Factor will start at $480.24.

It’s safe to say if you’re in the market for just about any type of computer, Dell has you covered!

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