Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro Improves Protection

I have been using the Vivint Smart Home for some time, and it has really become a regular part of our lives. The initial install and thoughts can be found here (pt1) and here (pt2). The Outdoor Camera Pro has since been released, and I have had the chance to take a look at it. The new camera and features are fantastic.

The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is a nice upgrade from my original camera. As you can see from the comparison photos, the new version is smaller and has a more sleek look.

If you have the old camera installed and want to upgrade, the same wires and position can be used and it is a quick upgrade. The camera is much improved with a 4K Ultra HD high dynamic range sensor and extended 140º field of view. It also adds a microphone and speaker similar to the doorbell camera. The first screenshot below is from the old camera followed by the new. As you can see, the view is much wider and higher resolution.

Old Vivint Camera


New Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

The most remarkable feature in the upgrade is the Smart Sentry. After setting up a surveillance zone, the camera identifies if someone is lingering in the zone and plays a customizable audible warning and displays a red ring of lights around the camera. A notification will let you know the Smart Sentry has detected a person. After watching friends who get on camera for the first time, I can assure you, it will startle anyone hanging around and they will notice they are on camera. Hopefully, we will not have to find out first hand, but I would think anyone up to no good will leave quickly.



The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is a huge upgrade from the previously available product. Not only is the quality of the video improved which could help identify people and even license plates, the wider angle means more protection. The addition of a microphone and speaker allows users to converse with any visitors just as can be done with a doorbell camera. The biggest improvement in my eyes is the Smart Sentry feature. A simple audible alarm and red lights displayed on the camera will catch anyone’s attention. I truly believe this will increase the odds of discouraging anyone who is up to no good. It is also fun to watch the reaction of your friends the first time they set it off! Vivint is always actively working to make your home smarter and safer and this camera is a great addition. I highly recommend it and you can find out more and get quotes from the Vivint website.

Source: Provided review sample

What I like: Improved camera with a wider angle, microphone, and speaker; Smart Sentry is a game changer

What can be improved: The only improvement for me would be to add more cameras to my set-up!

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