Keep Cool with the Alexa-Enabled CoolSmart Oscillating Fan

There are a lot of products out there that promise to be “smart”, and there are plenty of products that come complete with Alexa integration including outlets, lamps and even speakers. But the CoolSmart Fan is one of the first that I’ve seen that choose to be smart at keeping you cool.

Keep Cool with the Alexa-Enabled CoolSmart Oscillating Fan

Essentially a freestanding fan, the CoolSmart Nash fan comes complete with a fictional design that sets itself apart from the pack by adding smart home technology with built-in integration with Google Home, as well as Amazon Alexa. I received a unit that we’ve used in our bedroom for the last few weeks, and if you’re someone who’s an apartment dweller who’s building will not allow you to have a smart thermostat, the CoolSmart is a great pivot that has essentially the same functionalities.

Keep Cool with the Alexa-Enabled CoolSmart Oscillating Fan

Combined with the NASH Smart all, you can fully control the CoolSmart with commands like turning on and off, controlling settings and even setting automated schedules to turn on when it’s time for bed, and off when it’s time to head out for the office in the morning. This comes in handy in my home as both Jess and I absolutely dread getting out of bed to change or adjust physical fans (totally a first-world problem), but it’s great knowing that you can simply make these commands with your voice alone.

The fan itself if fully adjustable, coming with an adjustable tilt-back head, you can direct the airflow to your liking (this must be done manually) it can be adjusted up to 4.4 feet, which works for me perfectly. It’s worth mentioning that the smart oscillation of the CoolSmart can be controlled through the NASH app to dictate exactly what area you’d like it to focus on, which is another bonus if you have a picky spouse that doesn’t want air blowing on them so they can fully adjust it without having to get up.

Keep Cool with the Alexa-Enabled CoolSmart Oscillating Fan

What I personally love about the fan aside from the functional use of it, is just the look itself: With its on-device controls, you get four buttons: “On/Speed, Swing, Mode, and Off” which allow you to control when you don’t want to use the app. While the app also can automatically adjust its speed with the temperature outside (using the location feature on your smartphone), this fan has become a personal favorite home item of both my wife and even Sparky, who likes to for some odd reason sit right under it when it’s going.

Overall, for $99 it’s not the cheapest fan on the market, but it’s a whole lot more fun to use, even when you’re not in the same room as it. Telling Google or Alexa to turn your phone on and rotate is much better than that annoying standing fan that collects dust and looks more like a space heater than a fan. If only CoolSmart made a model in a color other than just white though…

If you’d like to purchase the CoolSmart Smart Fan, you can head over to Amazon [affiliate link] and purchase it for $99.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Companion app is super simple to use allowing you to easily control; Onboard controls are solid as well

What Needs Improvement: Maybe a black model?; Instruction Manual missed a step on placing the fan into the gate chamber


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  1. Great fan! Got one myself about a week ago. A black model would be nice yes.

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