Verizon Launches Their First Nationwide 5G Hotspot — for $650

Even though 5G isn’t widely available to every city quite yet, Verizon’s been hard at work integrating 5G to their service with their highly anticipated 5G Hotspot called the Inseego 5G MiFi M1000.


Verizon Launches Their First Nationwide 5G Hotspot — for $650

The Inseego 5G MiFI M1000 won’t be cheap by any means, sitting at $650, it’s almost three times the price of Verizon’s existing hotspot which is currently $199.99 from Verizon. If the price tag is a lot to take at once though, Verizon is a huge fan of making sure you’re locked in for a while, as there will be options of payments for it either in 24 month installments, or $499 with a two-year contract. For what it’s worth — Verizon customers with an Unlimited smartphone plan can add a 5G MiFi to their account and receive 50GB of 5G Ultra Wideband data and 15GB of 4G LTE Date for an additional $30 a month, which is just a $10 increase over 4G LTE. If you know like I know, Verizon is quick to change plans quick, and this one seems like a steal right now, because you can fully expect 5G data plans to rise one this goes Nationwide.

“The Inseego MiFi is our first business-ready 5G device, combining bandwidth and speed customers expect from 5G, with enterprise-grade security businesses require,” said Tami Erwin, executive vice president and group CEO for Verizon Business. “Verizon continues to lead in 5G, adding to our coverage area with St. Paul and launching the Inseego 5G hotspot, our fifth 5G enabled device.”

The Inseego MiFi M1000 is Verizon’s fifth 5G offering, joining the ranks of the LG V50, THinQ, Galazy S10 5G and the Moto Z3 and Z4 smartphones. Also as an announcement, Verizon states that St. Paul, Minnesota will be the fifth city to receive the 5G service, joining towns like Denver, Chcago, Minneapolis and Providence. It’s interesting that the company is totally avoiding Washington, DC, New York City, and California. Verizon is scheduled to announce a total of 31 cities this year, so we’ll update you guys when we know a bit more.

For businesses:
– Mobile workforce: Link up mobile and remote teams easily, with the ability to connect up to 15 devices simultaneously. The new MiFi M1000 provides a seamless 5G/4G LTE network combining speed and coverage today and as 5G Ultra Wideband coverage expands.
– Enterprise-grade protection: Integrated advanced security features and firewall protection in the MiFi M1000 work with Verizon’s Mobile Data Management (MDM) solution offering secure solutions to all devices connected to the MiFi M1000.

For consumers:
– Experience near real-time Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and gaming like never before:Tether a VR headset to the MiFi M1000 via a USB cable for immersive experiences with ultra-low lag.
– Streaming multimedia: Stream high-resolution (4K/8K) video with near real-time downloads and virtually no buffering delays by connecting the portable MiFi M1000 on the go.

For more information, you can head to this link today.


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