Ninja Announces New Kitchen Items That Need to Be in Your Home

Whenever you hear about Ninja’s Products, you just know for a fact that they are going to make sure you don’t have to spend precious moments hovering over your kitchen, but most importantly have justified prices that means the products will last for years, and starting today, there are multiple new products that you’ll want on your countertop.

Just last year, to much fanfare, Ninja introduced the Ninja Foodi, which is one of the most critically acclaimed kitchen products on the market today. That trend continues with three new products that hope to make sure you impress your houseguests, family, friends or spouse.

First, there’s the Ninja Food Grill. Available to evenly cook steaks or char-grilled cheeseburgers, the Nina Food Grill can make sure that your flaky fish is properly cooked, using Cyclonic Grilling Technology that allows you to bring outdoor-like grilling to your kitchen, bundled with a combination of 500 high-density grill grate and 500-degree air circling so now you don’t have to be annoyed with having to flip your food when you grill. The 5-in-1 indoor grill also comes complete with the ability to air fry, roast, bake, and even dehydrate your meals. Available today, you can purchase the Foodi Grill for $239.

Ninja Announces New Kitchen Items That Need to Be in Your HomeNext up there’s the Ninja Foodi Oven, which sounds exactly like its name. Packing virtually every feature you could want, with it you can: Air fry, air roast, bake, bagel, toast, Dehydrate as well as keep warm — all from a single device. When the mean finishes cooking, you can simply flip the oven up and away to clean it, as well as store it. If this doesn’t sound like something that will eliminate radiation from a Microwave I don’t know what would. If you are interested, you can purchase directly for $229 by visiting this link.

Ninja Announces New Kitchen Items That Need to Be in Your Home

Finally, there’s the Ninja Food Deluxe, who’s TenderCrisp functionality allows you to go from Frozen to your plate in as little as 20 minutes. Available in 8-qt or 5qt models, the Cook & Crisp Basket makes it easy to cook and air fry delicious treats and meals in an instant. The stainless steel finish and enhanced user interface provide the most premium Foodi experience yet at $279 by visiting here.

For more information on all three of Ninja’s products, you can head to

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