$30 off Eyeglasses at Costco


Despite my reputation of being very clumsy, I have worn glasses for over 20 years without breaking them. Until last week’s vacation, when I left them on the bed and smashed them. Oops.

To be fair, being at sea apparently exacerbates my natural klutziness, since I also went flying off a water tube, fell off a chair, and walked head first into a tree branch. So I guess I should be happy my glasses were the main victims.

However, this did mean I needed new ones, and I apparently picked a good month for it! Costco has a coupon for $30 off frames, and best of all it is unlimited use, meaning you can buy more than one pair and get $30 off each frame. The coupon is good through February 26th, and you can find it at the membership desk or browse it online.

Honestly, the regular prices at Costco Optical are worth the $55 membership fee. My glasses before the discount were $110 for the frame and lenses. Since there was a coupon, I ended up with new prescription sunglasses as well, and spent less than $200 on both frames and lenses. If you update your glasses once a year, or have a family of eyeglass wearers, now is the time to hit up Costco for a great deal!

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3 Comments on "$30 off Eyeglasses at Costco"

  1. Chris Scullion | February 15, 2012 at 11:12 am |

    Man, you are paying way too much for your glasses.  I get my bifocals from Zenni Optical (on-line), and they cost about $25.  Total.  I buy glasses for my whole family there.  The quality is good, and at those prices, you can stock up on spares and different styles.  BTW, single-vision (non bifocals) cost about $10.

    • I thought about Zenni, but I wanted to see the frames and try them on first.
      Good point about the spares though…I may try them for an extra pair just to see how it goes!

  2. I’ve tried both n thinking of going back to Costco again so they can fit me. I’ve had a few cheap backup pairs from zenni n have been happy with them.

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