Samsung Blurs the Lines Between Tablet and PC with the New Galaxy Tab S6!

One of the big debates behind the scenes at Gear Diary is whether a tablet makes more sense than a low-end computer like a Chromebook. The consensus is that sometimes you still need a computer, but there’s a lot of potential benefit to a good tablet. Samsung agrees, and they’re throwing all sorts of features into the Android-powered Galaxy Tab S6!

Samsung Blurs the Lines Between Tablet and PC with the New Galaxy Tab S6!

First, the Tab S6 comes with an S-Pen, great for handwriting notes and doing sketching on the tablet. Samsung takes it to a new level though, with “Air Action”, a feature that lets you control the tablet with the pen without touching the screen. The press release says it’s helpful for presentations, selfies, and multimedia, but it absolutely will be used by parents to remotely stop screen time, and probably also for pranks. The Tab S6 has a 10.5in screen plus Dolby Atmos speakers, so no matter what it’s used for, the experience will be bright with great sound.

Samsung Blurs the Lines Between Tablet and PC with the New Galaxy Tab S6!

In addition to being a tablet, Samsung offers a Book Cover Keyboard that includes a mousepad, allowing you to turn the tablet into a quasi-PC experience. It’s powered by a Qualcomm 855 chip, so it should have a fair amount of power for anything you throw at it. Plus, at a starting MSRP of $649, it’s very affordable for the level of versatility and power it offers. Pre-orders start August 23, and if you buy or order before September 22 you’ll get 50% off that awesome Book Cover Keyboard!

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