Roborock S4 Review: A More Affordable Robot Vacuum

If you’ve been looking for a reasonably priced robot vacuum that’s sole focus is to spot clean your home with little to no effort, you should check out the Roborock S4.

Roborock S4 Review: A More Affordable Robot Vacuum

Labeled as a price-friendly vacuum from one of the best robot vacuum brands on the market today, the Roborock S4 is an updated design from the brand’s ever-popular S5 model that features both mopping and vacuuming functionalities, although missing the former on this particular model.

I received a sample of the S4 a few weeks ago, and in my testing on a casual Saturday morning, while I was up and about cleaning the rest of my home, the Roborock S4 solved one of the biggest problems I’ve had with many handheld vacuums — navigating my furniture.

Roborock S4 Review: A More Affordable Robot Vacuum

After testing many other robot vacs, I found that the S4 intelligently targets specific areas in my home that otherwise might become home to dust and debris. With eleven built-in sensors, the S4 easily navigates my two-bedroom apartment, easily maneuvering its way in my kitchen around the cabinets, Sparky’s dog tray, and even the trash can. In our entranceway, there is a carpet runner on top of our hardwood floors. Other robot vacuums have had nothing but trouble attempting to pick up the difference, but with the Roborock S4’s height sensitivity, it easily distinguishes between both.

Roborock S4 Review: A More Affordable Robot Vacuum

There are bonus functionalities like carpet boost, great for going from our living room or kitchen to bedrooms with a higher elevated carpet, and even an anti-entrapment feature, that’s great for making sure cables that I leave on the floor aren’t eaten. One issue I’ve had with other robot vacs has been the vacuum getting stuck in close quarters, like underneath a couch. The revamped drivetrain of the S4 keeps it from getting stuck, or consistently repeating itself, which is a godsend in my usage.

After testing a few vacuums, there’s always the same area in my home (right around the bar stools, where other robot vacs have got stuck between the chairs. Luckily though, the S4 manages to reverse itself when it gets stuck, and after 3-4 runs, it’s adapted to avoiding the chairs if it needs to. This works even when you slightly adjust the chairs to a different position a few inches off; the S4 manages to remember an area and clean it effectively. You can alternatively clean using the RoboRock app, which also allows you to schedule cleanings, define the “zones”, or control the vacuum even when you aren’t home.

Roborock S4 Review: A More Affordable Robot Vacuum

One caveat, however, is the battery life. At 150 minutes, it might not be able to cover a larger home, which is why I recommend the S4 as more of a spot cleaner than a full-fledged replacement for vacuuming. While the laser navigation can map your room in real-time, this contributes to the battery drain. Nonetheless, the S4 by Roborock is a really good robot vacuum with a price tag of only $399.

I highly suggest the Roborock S4 for users with pets, or a variety of floor types like carpet, tile, and hardwood. While it does not mop like the S5, it still does the trick in terms of vacuuming. For more information, you can head over to Amazon [affiliate link].

Source: Manufacturer provided review Unit

What I Like: Affordable pricing; Zoned cleaning; Low profile for under-furniture cleaning

What Needs Improvement: No mopping functionality; Battery might not last long enough to clean the entire house

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