Speck’s iPhone 11 Cases Are As Pro As They Are Protective

I’ve had the opportunity to review three of Speck’s latest cases for the iPhone 11 Pro Max: the Presidio Stay Clear, the Presidio Grip, & the Presidio V-Grip with the sole intent of seeing which would be my favorite. So which one wins? Let’s dive in.

For starters, protection aside, all three are actually pretty good cases in terms of looks. Which one is my favorite? Obviously, we’ll have to find out. So let’s start with the Presidio Stay Clear. One of the most protective slim cases on the market, the Presidio Stay Clear, is one of their most rugged yet protective cases that doesn’t distract from the phone itself. And we know how much I like to show off my phone, the Presidio Stay Clear is a clear case that includes a “Microban” technology that protects your device from germs. All three of the cases have this, which is great, virtually eliminating germs. This doesn’t mean take your device with you to the bathroom, however.

Speck’s iPhone 11 Cases Are As Pro As They Are Protective

The Presidio Stay Clear also comes with a scientific coating that prevents UV yellow from oil absorption. I’ve tested other clear cases that say they can accomplish this, but just over a few short weeks, they start to show slight yellow hues. Fortunately, this hasn’t been the case with the Presidio Stay Clear. In my opinion, this might be the best clear case on the market.

Speck’s iPhone 11 Cases Are As Pro As They Are Protective

Aside from staying clear, ALL of Speck’s products come complete with a lifetime warranty on top of a 30-day unconditional guarantee. On top of that, the drop protection is just incredible. With 13′ of drop protection, you could drop this from your couch, pocket or wherever and it would be protected thanks to the two durable layers around the bezel. So even if you were to drop the phone on its display, your phone screen itself might not crack. In any case, I still use a screen protector but it’s completely up to you if you opt to do that. This case goes for $39.95.

Next, there’s the Presidio Grip. While not as clear of a case as the Stay Clear model, the Presidio Grip gives you just as much protection. It still offers antimicrobial product protection and the same 13′ of drop protection. But there’s something to be said about a case that gives you grip without you having to find a way to add a pop socket or some other accessory to the case, all while feeling incredible to hold. This case also goes for $39.95.


Now, my favorite case from the Speck line has to be the Presidio V Grip. What I liked the most about both of the previous cases, one being the ability to be clear so I can see that beautiful green back on my iPhone Pro Max, the same level of impact protection, but with a little bit of grip. Instead of having the ridges throughout the entire back of the phone, the Presidio V grip has grips on the side of the device, which is just as awesome, all while still allowing wireless charging and that drop protection that all of the previous Speck cases offer. At $39.95, it’s priced just like the other two cases, but it combines and implements what I love about each of them.

Overall, would I tell you to pick up any of the Speck cases? Absolutely. They have a long track record of being the perfect case to show off and protect your phone, without adding a lot of bulk as most cases do.

If you’d like to check out any of the Speck cases, you can visit their site.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Durable drop protection & an affordable price

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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